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February 11, 2010


We're glad Ella will be pain free soon, we can't wait to see her personality shine when she comes home!
Welcome Sweet Girl!

Sweet mama-doggie. God's speed to her and everyone involved!

Thank you Rebecca, Steve and Alayne, she's a beauty and when she's feeling better those ears up will be up and she will be gorgeous! Sending good mojo for fast healing~~

This is just a reminder why everybody needs to CLICK and VOTE EVERY DAY on the link below!! I sent these two stories to people I have asked to vote daily--it makes them realize why they are voting!!!

Angels have just saved two more!! "Oh when the saints come marching in!!!"

Timmy and Ella are two more lucky dogs! I'm so glad that you were able to save them - they can't possibly know what wonderful things are in store for them!

Oh poor dear Ella, that must of been very painful. So, so happy she is now in the best hands possible!

I was involved in a rescue a couple years back of an abused & neglected mother pup...we can't imagine what they must go through in stress, pain and uncertainty trying to carry, birth and nurse their babies and sadly they are usually at the end of the line when charity comes their way. Everyone loves babies, it takes a special heart to care for the mothers.

Here's to a speedy and successful recovery for Ella! She is a lovely girl. Thank you for getting her the care she needs, and thanks to Rebecca for getting these great dogs out of the shelter.

I hope Ella's pups were adopted.

Rest up sweet girl. We can't wait to see you rolling this spring in your new Montana home.

Prayers for a speedy recovery for beautiful Ella! Each day I read your blog I am reminded over and over again, There are 'Angels Among Us" You, Alayne and all of those who help you get these deserving animals into the loving arms of RDR!

Looking forward to seeing Ella bouncing around the ranch!

She's such a beautiful girl! Once she is healed she will have such a wonderful life and only having three legs won't slow her down!

God love Rebecca!!! How sad that her puppies were worth a chance but not her. Many many happy days at the ranch!!!

What a lovely face! She will be fine without that leg bothering her and will run around the RDR in no time I think.. lucky doggie :-). One more to go on Monday?

I'll be keeping sweet Ella in my thoughts and prayers. I wish her a speedy recovery at Rebecca's home and look forward to hearing she's arrived at "doggy heaven" (aka Rolling Dog Ranch:-)).

A huge thank you for all you're doing for Ella.

Hurry & get well Ella so you can get to your new home at RDR!! You're gonna love it!

Many thanks to Rebecca for getting Ella to the vet. I'm sure the poor thing was hurting quite a bit. Thanks to Steve & Alayne for making it possible for Ella to get the immediate care she needed.

You prove to me every day there are angels on this earth!!!

What a beautiful girl Ella is. Sending good vibes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery so she can come home to the ranch.

I guess I didn't read far enough in on the website for Animal Rescue Flights on how far they would go. At least you've had wonderful care for the animals with commercial flights and that's all that matters!

healing and loving thoughts coming your way Ella. Life will be better from now on.

They are all so sweet -- I want to take all of them home!!

Good luck Ella in your surgery! I hope everything goes well so she can be at the ranch as soon as possible.

not even to Rolling Dog and you're already taking care of her.... but with a face like that, how could you not??

Looking forward to a good post-surgery update!

What a beautiful dog! I'm so glad she's getting good care and soon will be with all of you at the ranch...

Good luck with your surgery, Ella Ella, and a speedy recovery. I can't wait to hear when you've reached The Ranch! You're sure gonna like it there.

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