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February 02, 2010


That is one happy cat!! LOVE it!

Oh Bunny - pleae your little cottons sox.. haven't you just landed in heaven!!

What an adorable cat! She has quite the life of a princess!! So glad she is in a wonderful home!

Bunny is such a beautiful cat! I love she has such a nice, warm, loving home to live life just as all kitties should live life - relaxin'!

Thank you for the update on her!

“Who among us hasn't envied a cat's ability to ignore the cares of daily life and to relax completely?” - Karen Brademeyer

Bun-Bun looks right at home.....I always thought Bunny was one of the cutest things ever and I see I was right. It is always so nice to see former RDR residents in their new homes. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have one of them come live with me in the future.


What a special treat to see Bun-Bun again!!!!
Of course I remember her..thank you SO much for the update Tia and Karl! Love her new name and she looks fantastic!

Keep the beautiful shots of Bun-Bun coming to "us".

So nice to se she is happy in her new home

What a beautiful cat!! Seems to be saying life is so good.

I knew Bunny would make the perfect cuddle bug...thanks so much for the update...AND the pictures!

That is one beautifully relaxed cat! It's so nice to see a happy camper in her forever home. Thanks for sharing, Tia & Karl!
Warm hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Our three-legged cat Leo would love to meet Bun Bun! Doesn't she look adorable?

Thank you, Steve, for sharing these sweet pictures with us.

A big hug from Italy to Bun Bun, Tia & Karl.

Great to see Bun Bun. She is such a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL cat!! Loved the update on this lady!

Bunny Bun Bun sure is beautiful - and it's a wonderful story!

Thank you AGAIN Steve & Alayne for Saving Bunny, so that ourselves, as well as our other rescues, could have her in our lives! We can't imagine our life or home without her in it!'s a rough life! :)

Good on ya, Bunny. That last relax photo makes me forget all about my rotten work day.

Skitter might have something to say about these cushy conditions that Bunny lives in.... tho not too many barn cats probably have heated igloos.

Thanks for the kitty updates!!

We love Bunny so much! Thank you AGAIN Steve & Alayne for saving her, so that ourselves, as well as our other rescues, could have her in our lives!! Our home wouldn't be the same without her....

How precious is she! And thanks to these folks for giving her such a loving home.

I'd say The Bunster's got that all figured out. Warm, soft, comfy, and the center of the universe. Oh, yes, and she's beautiful!

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