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February 23, 2010



What a wonderful slide show. Absolutely fabulous!! I hope when people see it either on the Best Friends website or in their magazine, they will hopefully become friends and donors to RDR!

What a wonderful slideshow. Sarah's voice over just made it more special. I swear I could almost hear Herbie purring!

The two of you, Steve and Alayne, have set the bar of expectations for all "disabled" sanctuaries to follow. You are awesome. If it saves one dog, one cat, one horse times hundreds, then you have started the "paradigm shift" for the future of disabled animals. Maybe "disabled" animals won't have to live in sanctuaries anymore, but can be accepted as companion animals among us and just like the "abled." Kisses on all your creature's little wet noses, and yes, kisses on your noses, too!

I loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Smiles! The photos are a tribute to the wonderful home you provide!Sarah has captured, in stills, the beauty of all that you do. Best Friends and Rolling Dog Ranch, my two favorites!!!

This slide show absolutely rocked- loved the commentary also- so heart warming!! Beautiful!!

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

I wish I had those photos for notecards! Fabulous photos. Love everything about Rolling Dog Ranch!!!

Truly wonderful photos - they are like works of art. And precious little Herbie. What more can I say?

Wow, definitely brought tears to my eyes. She really captured the essence of each and every one of them. Truly a gifted photographer.

I loved the picture of Alie -- what a happy girl. Those truly are great pictures. Great one of Herbie too -- thanks for sharing those with us!!

Wow...this is an amazing slideshow. How wonderful.

Haven't seen the show yet, but wanted to let you now that the Challenge Button didn't work today, for me at least. It has in the past. I'll vote from my blog instead, but thought you may want to check it out.

WOW!! I'm speechless.. that was awesome!! The photos were extraordinary!!

The video is wonderful and so inspiring! God Bless You!

Great job Sarah. Very well put together. The shot is perfect. Well done.

That's awesome, so glad you are getting deserved attention for your great work.

My favorite animal sanctuary doing an article and slideshow for my other favorite animal sanctuary. Doesn't get much better than that! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I have visited Best Friends so now visiting RDR is the next thing on my life to-do list!

The photograph of beautiful wobbly Allie waving made me burst into tears.

All I can say is "amazing". I feel as though I know these special animals through Sarah's work. Thank you!

That was terrific, Sarah! I've always enjoyed your photography on the BF site. Thanks, BF, for spotlighting RDR! I look forward to my magazine...

What a beautiful slideshow! You have a great collection of multimedia presentations of the ranch!

Beautiful. It felt like I was really at the ranch.

Thank you Sarah. How great that Steve and Alayne were blown away too!!

I love the close of Smilin' Sam and the beautiful shot of Steve walking with the dogs.

A great set of pictures!! You guys are wonderful. So is Sarah Ause. I posted it at Shelter Tails.

What amazing pictures. Still shots but so full of life AND personality!! Thanks to Sara and BF for recognizing the beauty in what you do!

Absolutely amazing photos!

What an amazing collection of photos, so close to many of the faces and I felt like they were looking at me, instead of at the camera. The text is great too, focusing on the human obstacle and clear with it's message...

But what I liked, loved most are the sighs of the author troughout the video... they sound heartfelt and make it so personal how she enjoyed her time at the ranch and how the animals and Steve and Alaine touched her heart. Thank you Sarah!

Some really great pictures - but perhaps the last one was the best - a beautiful picture at sunset - amazing!

Sarah captured the essence of RDR! Anybody who visits will say the same thing: "Started by two AMAZING people and you NEVER want to leave!" Can't wait to receive my Best Friends Magazine and kudos for Best Friends for highlighting the IMPORTANT mission and work of Rolling Dog Ranch!

Simply beautiful!

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! Thank you to Sarah for the gorgeous pictures. And to Steve and Alayne for making RDR the perfect home for these wonderful animals!

We just got done watching the slideshow and the Jack Hanna show. Awesome!!! A few years ago I read a book all about how Best Friends was started and how tough it was and it makes me thankful there are two more people like them - both of you - who have given their all to help these animals. Thank you again and many times over for all you do! :)

Amazing photos, and voiceover. Even though we've seen lots of professional video of the ranch, these photos made me feel like I was there the MOST. That's talent!

Wow. Simply Wow. The light, the composition, the emotion in those photos is stellar. Thank you and Best Friends for sharing!

I just finished watching the slideshow, it is simple and honest and heartfelt and lovely. You can't watch it without getting misty eyed.
It makes me proud to be a supporter of Rolling Dog Ranch.

Wow. That slide show is incredible. But then again, so are you. :-)


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