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January 19, 2010


A good roll always makes for a happy puppy!

Another happy, rolling dog....

Question: how 'bout an update on that big beautiful yellow lab? Haven't seen that gorgeous face in awhile!

Oh my gosh. I love him!!

Oh wow... How can you resist rubbing his little tummy???

God love him.

I think Briggs is so happy because of your loving care! It is a joy to see such a happy guy!

You go little Briggs!! My dog is a high roller too - I would say the same thing every time he rolled and now he thinks it's a command :) (roly-poly puppy-man) - does not seem to spoil his fun though. Even better is to find a huge branch and roll with that in his mouth.

Keep on rollin', Briggs!:-)

Looks as if the fans of the previous contest's runner-up are determined to win, this time. I know how they feel; it's the way we all felt about RDR, the last time! So are we gonna give 'em a run for the money?

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