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January 31, 2010


Lynda, you can buy Pill Pockets at PetsMart or Petco, and probably other places....they are just like a treat with a hole in stick the pill in the hole and it's pliable, so you can squish the treat together to cover the pill. Good Luck!


My neighbor had a cat that needed liquid meds, and she asked for my help in adminstering. First we'd have to chase the cat from under the bed, catch the cat and wrap her in a towel, and I'd give the medicine (my friend got to hold the cat, who would show us the full repetoire of hissing, spitting, and fury. That cat was MAD. My friend tried it the nice way first and since the cat really needed the meds, there was no time to "negotiate."

Dogs are so easy (and naive).....just wrap that pill in a piece of lunch meat or cheese or shove it in a bit of hot dog and it is gone in a flash. Cats are far to clever to fall for such tricks!

The cat & the pill thing is not all that bad once you & kitty get the hang of it. Just takes practice & something tells me you can do it if you can give a horse medicine. I gave pills for over 7 years, 2x a day to my Sasha who is at Rainbow Bridge now. I won't say it was all smooth sailing but after a few tries we got it down (no pun intended)!!!

Debbie, what are pill pockets? Where can I buy them?

To Steve and all those who have a hard time giving pills to cats: I've discovered Pill Pockets which makes giving pills to cats so amazingly simple! The cats just think they are a snack. Don't suppose they make them big enough for horses!! :-)

Oh lord! I cannot imagine trying to get a horse to take flavored paste! I am a bit of a star when it comes to giving pills to dogs, but last year our vet gave us a wormer in an oral solution. What a mess! After two weeks, the dogs still had worms and the next medication was dispensed in a pill form. Worms gone, no problem. I have to believe the reason that the oral solution didn't work might have been because it was on the kitchen floor, the dogs' fur, the walls, my pants - in short, everywhere but IN the dogs.

Can't you give Bute in a shot?

Even my vet cannot get my cat to take a pill! He tried several times and then gave up.

I've never medicated a horse, but I'm totally on board with you about giving a pill to a cat. Also very glad Lena is doing alright! I'd be stiff in that temperature myself!

Ha, I agree with the cat & pills issue, but I would rather give a cat a pill than a liquid medicine. My cat used to just hold it in her mouth, then when I let her go she would shake her head & spew medicine all over the house. What a mess. Good luck with Lena!

I so relate to these photos... trying to administer bute to the big, big draft horses at Horses' Haven where I volunteer! We have your same technique, that is certain! We read that lavender has a calming effect on animals as well as people. We started to put a dab of pure lavender oil on our wrists before administering meds. For some of the horses, we actually found that they were a bit calmer and put their heads down! Amazing!

I totally agree about giving pills to cats. (We have three cats.)

Looks like a tough job, Steve. I agree about pilling cats, though...I'd rather medicate a rabid wolverine!! Have you tried Pill Pockets for the cats? So far I have had good luck with them....

Whahaha... the movements are similar but why is it always SO much more difficult with the ever gracious-just-not-for-pills felines??

Good to hear that Lena is otherwise ok, but for the winter...

Pills and cats don't mix well together:))) I only have one cat, and every time she needs medicine (in pills) it's harder on me than on her:))

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