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January 26, 2010


Wow!!! Well, Herbie is definitely going to have to think this through cuz even if he does want to escape I doubt he'll want to work thru the RDR glacier right now! I know it means more work for Mr. Smith & you but that is truly a beautiful looking snow wave!

You do have some unique problems on the ranch!

It does make you wonder why Herbie tries to escape with the good life that he has. Of course, I do think he would like a home of his own where he could be the King! Would hosing that that glacier help? It would leave a mound of ice on the ground, but maybe the retention material would be saved.

Neat photo, looks like the curl of a big wave that they surf through in Hawaii. I expect "Mr. Smith" will demand your help in replacing the top of the enclosure when your "wave" crashes. I don't think Herbie wants to hang-10 right now.

I guess the real lesson learned here is to remove "resident escape cat retention material" as soon as it hits, say, minus 10, and replace it in the spring.

The glacier sure looks cool, though!

"Bahahaha" says Herbie my evil plan is working. They will wait till the snow melts giving me time to escape. Now I just need to figure out why I want to escape, I get three hots and a cot here. Ok, so I didn't think this out completely I am a cat.
Be safe & warm you guys.

Wow...that is quite a compact job!
Good thing my favorite cats are snug inside and won't need their enclosure until Spring.
It would be a hot cat house otherwise; then again, that heat would thaw the glacier. ; )

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