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January 21, 2010


Oh Helen.. bless you!! Such a beautiful dog!

Thank goodness Helen has her human tow trucks ready, willing, and able to assist! It's tough learning that you can't do the things you once took for granted.

My dog, Jack, who is going through chemo is less steady on his legs this winter and has trouble with snow when it gets too deep or too... crunchy. So we've learned to shovel off a patch of grass for him to do his business. Plus, the resulting pile of snow makes a terrific target!

Helen, you are sooo loving and trusting! Your precious face says it all!

Everyone remember we can vote on weekends, too! Even though we don't get a post from RDR that day, remember to keep voting!

By the way, what an adventurous girl you are, sweet Helen! Exploring that cold cruchy stuff that you can't see must be a little daunting, especially when you get stuck & can't move any longer. But you know you have a family to count on, don't ya girl?

That's the face of faith and trust. She knows darn well she won't be stuck for long because she trusts her beloved Alayne will rescue her. Helen's expression personifies what all RDR animals feel for Steve and Alayne--absolute trust and faith that they will be loved and taken care of, no matter what. What a tribute to two amazing people!

This post reminded me of one of your posts from last winter where Soba would need help from what you called RDR's Human Lift and Carry Machines (or something like that). But Helen must be close to 100 pounds so apparently there's another technique like Gena says.

Helen's expression makes me think she was hearing some very comforting and reassuring words from someone she loves, appreciates and trusts with all her heart.

Thank you so much.

Poor baby girl...this is one instance in which that fourth leg would be a tremendous help to her. Hang in there sweet puppy.

At first I couldn't figure out how you'd get her back to the barn - she's too big to carry, right?

But then I put on my "if I lived in Montana thinking cap" and decided you probably walk in front of her, making a path in the snow....

Am I right? :-)

We had a dachshund once who would do the same thing - get all excited and bound into the deep snow and get stuck. She was shorter than the snow and all we'd see is a trail that ended suddenly. Then we hear a bark... and another bark. Luckily she was small enough we could pick her up and carry her. She loved snow....

I'm glad Helen is still adventurous in her "old age" ....

How do you all stand those winters? Yikes... I get cold everytime I look at your winter photos -

Sending you some sunshine in the form of a cyber hug and smile - feel the warmth? LOL

Aww, that look says it all. Thank you & I love you Alayne for rescuing me. I can relate dear Helen...there are things I think I can do too & I just can't do them anymore but sometimes we forget!

Voting every day & I noticed from day 1 RDR moved up 3 slots...YAY!!!

Helen, you look like a bear out there!!!!!! please do not sray far from the house!!! love, The Pohls

Maybe sweet Helen just enjoys the extra attention she gets from her most favorite rescuers. Bless you!

Poor Helen. My mom's dog does this when he has a e-collar on (that big plastic white lamp shade they put on dog's head after surgery or to keep them from licking an area) he just freezes in place and won't move like "Get this thing off my head, please!" We're moving up in the ranks, a distant second place to the Iowa group. Keep putting in those votes everyone!

It's so good to see her out in the snow just being a dog! and that second picture - her face is to die for! What a sweet, sweet girl!

What a cutie

I just love Helen to pieces...she still thinks she's a young heck with reality. Give her a big ole hug for me, will ya?

What a sweet, trusting face.

I have everybody voting again!!! Round three! :)

Bless her heart as you and Alayne would say! So SWEET that Rottie!

Poor girl....but she knows she has friends near by :))

Awww...I love that look Helen is giving Alayne. Guess Helen is still young at heart even if she's getting up in years.

Don't forget to vote!

Very sweet.

Hi Helen,

It's so great to see you.

I love the way you know that if you get in a bit of a pickle, Alayne or Steve will come rescue you.

What a sweet look on your face.

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