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January 18, 2010


Cash goofing around but look at that face... I don't believe you! :) :)

I love the look & what a beauty!!!

I just love this photo, and the title matches it perfectly! The tilt of his head is just too cute as if he was listening to "see" where you were. And it's great you caught his mentor in the shot. I remember when Hawk got that assignment and how fast he got Cash in line. Is Marie still with us? I seem to recall she and Hawk were friends/pasture mates.

That is one fine looking young man!

Young Cash, as handsome as ever and still with that wonderful sense of humor about life, too.

My favs are the "Blind Cash and The Zipper" ( "There's a New Gardener In Town" ( vids.

Our little boy has certainly become quite the looker, hasn't he? I'm so glad Hawk has helped the boy learn some manners, lol.

I will have to check out that youtube video.
Great shot.
Whenever my dog is doing somehting cute and I get the camera, all bet's are off.

He looks great. You must love those blue skies. But then are in big sky country.

That should have read "I have been lurking"....I hate when I do that LOL. I have read every single post on here from the beginning and you have a fan for life! I enjoy seeing what goes on with all the animals as the years go on. Thank you for all you do!

Wow he sure is a cutie! How old is he now?

This is my first post! I have lurking for a long time :) I love what you are doing for these wonderful animals. I have found a way to be able to vote more than once per day for the Shelter Challenge. Just clear all your browser cookies and history then go back to click and then vote again. I do this multiple times a day! Maybe we can get RDR to #1 again!

Wow, Cash has grown into a gorgeous boy. One of my favorite Youtube videos is of Cash getting his last milk meal. "There's the milk moustache!"

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