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January 26, 2010


That's a wonderful picture of Bo...he looks so contented and toasty in his neck blanket!

Bo looks beautiful! - and warm of course - and Otis is a beautiful little gem - here I go to set up my account :) - wish I could hug them both. Go RDR!!

Bo looks so warm and toasty in his long-necked coverup. And good luck Otis! There's not much time left (one day!!) so everyone please sign up today and vore for Otis so he can make it to the next round.

In your defence it is very hard to look all Knightly while dragging a poop sled around.
Be safe & keep Warm

Thanks for the heads up on Otis, bookmarked his contest too.

BTW Bo looks so handsome, stay warm & cozy Rolling Dog family!

You look so handsome and proud Bo in your winter gear. You should be a model for horse neck warmers!

Is Otis, Barons long lost cousin?! They look so much alike and both blind and deaf as well! They should atleast be pen pals.

Go Otis, it is easy to vote, just set up an account, then you can do a search for Otis, just make sure you vote for the right Otis, there are a few. What a great thing for Amy S. to do! Sure hope he wins!

Posted both contests on a MB I belong to. Hoping to get some votes for you guys, so that you can buy all the horse blankets needed. :)

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