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January 04, 2010


What a happy Beagle with his new family! Thanks for sharing his continuing adventures!

I love to hear updates on how wonderful the adopted ones lives are now. I wish Charlie & his family many days of happiness & dock strolling. And, it's so exciting to know he is enjoying the sights along w/ the smells of dock strolling. The pic of Charlie under the Christmas tree should be their Christmas card for next year! I love the serenity & the imagination of what he is dreaming about!!


Charlie's sweet and happy face would make a great cover shot for a book about his so very happy ending! Love and thanks to RDR and all who got him to his new place.

Such a handsome guy!!

Happy New Year to all at RDR!
What a wonderful update on Charlie, simply warms my heart! Soglad to see you back!

HNY to Charlie and his new family. He may need a life jacket for his trips to the dock! With all due respect to the new (and wonderful) dog - is Hugo OK with all of this?

Best to all and thanks for your care and love for dogs.

I love hearing how the adoptees are doing!! What a great story!

It is so nice to be back from the "break" hope all of your holidays were great.Can't wait for another year of the RDR.It is awsome to SEE Charlie in his new adventures hope ther are many more to come for him!Thank-you for giving all of your animal such a good and full life.I know there are many rewards fo you and Alayne for all the work that you have done in your life!

What a happy guy. Why not!! He found a happy home with a loving couple. He is experiencing new things. And he can see to boot. Life is good. Thanks to RDR that is.
Thanks for keeping us up to date on the graduates. are just the sweetest (and most handsome) Beagle.

I think that is a great idea to write your autobiography. Children of all ages would just love it.

Best wishes for a new year full of delightful sights and adventures. absolutely wonderful.

Happy New Year you too. What a great pic of Charlie and what a comfort it must be to you to see how content he is.

So glad Charlie is having a wonderful life.

It's so wonderful to get updates...and Charlie is the poster boy for "Miracles Do Happen"...thanks for sharing!

Wow, Charlie has it made. That photo of him sleeping is precious.

Wonderful!! So great to know he has a good and loving home.

OMG!!! What a sweet story! Thanks to Julie & Richard for keeping us all updated on Charlies new follies!!

Talk about a new lease on life. What a happy and content doggie Charlie is. Getting his sight back and getting a home of his own (with his new friend Hugo) all in the same year! And is that his little tongue poking out that we see while he's sleeping? How cute. Thank you Richard and Julie for giving him such a wonderful home and also Steve and Alayne for giving him his sight back.

Happy new year to all at the RDR. Nice to hear from you again.

Looks like charlie was trying to stay awake to catch Santa Claus... or maybe at least help him eat his cookies and milk.... but jussssstttt couldn't stay awake (yawn, I'm sooooo sleeepy, says Charlie)

he looks so happy, so content! i love that!

Looks like Charlie is getting spoiled rotten! Good for him! I was in Olympia today and didn't see him anywhere ~~ of course he would have to have had his raincoat on with the torrential downpour! (he was probably incognito)

It's hard to express what a smile this brings to my face for you all! It's so totally wonderful and incomprehensible to understand what a different and wonderful life Charlie has now with his priceless new sight and forever family enabled by RDR and his drs. Thanks so much for sharing.

What a great way to start 2010! Great pictures~~Happy New Year to RDR.

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