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December 15, 2009


I chuckled when I first saw these pics. I was thinking, "How did they get pics of my Emmett?" Austin looks just like Emmett does when he goes plowing through the snow! Although Emmett hasn't tried to bury his squeaky toys yet.

Hmmm.....not sure I have heard about Belvie before.....will have to look for him/her. Austin gave me a big smile with his antics. We don't have snow on the ground right now but judging by photo number have about enough to almost bury a beagle much less a duck toy!

Our animal friends do give us the opportunity to ponder and to giggle. Austin sure is a character. It is great that you have him, and other loving animal friends to give you a laugh or 2 after the difficult week that you have had with the loss of your dear horsey friend and medical worries about your rotty friend. God bless our 4 legged friends for the joy that they bring us.

So funny! Austin knows a good duck when he "sees" one & Belvie may have decided a new toy was the way to go so just let Austin "think" he stole it!!

How adorable!
I love that Alayne replaced Austin's wet ducky; water on that duck's back doesn't roll off. ; )

Austin may have been a squirrel in one of his past lives. As far as stealing a toy from a sighted dog? Hum...Maybe Belvie was feeling the Christmas spirit.
You certainly have lots of snow!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Thanks for the cheerful post.

Now, how about some Widget?!?!

What a happy post! That his biggest worry is how to protect his stolen duck for his sole future use is a testament to what joy these animals feel with you. I just came back from a dog walk where my dog was so furiously digging a hole in the snow that one of his booties fell off and he subsequently buried it in the deep snow. After searching for 10 minutes at -25 Celcius, we gave up. Sigh... how long until spring?

This was great! Thanks for the story and the photos.

Whatever became of Margaret? It's been ages since we heard about her.

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