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December 13, 2009


This is great news,helen must like where she is and isn't ready to leave yet. The battles they go through make them so brave, and with you and Alayne looking after them they can't go wrong.On a happy note we hope the Holiday Season is a bright one for everyone at the RDR and any one connected in there own way.

This was a blend of bad and good news but we're all so grateful to you and Alayne for getting Helen to the vet's where she could be treated and healed. We're thrilled that her lungs look clear!!! What a great gift!

You and Alayne are Champions!
Prayers for sweet Helen. Sending loving thoughts and prayers from Indiana!

So glad that precious Helen is on the mend. Sending her hugs and prayers for a complete recovery.

Hope you feel better soon Helen. Your Dad sure loves you to run the truck so fast to Helena!!! God bless you and Dad. love cheryl

Just got my newsletter the other day and relived the sadness of losing sweet Teddy (God bless his little soul)and couldn't bear the loss of another beautiful creature just yet. We get so involved with these sweet spirits we have never met through your writing Steve. Happy endings are the best ending for sure!!!

We need to start a drive to get you guys a helicopter!

Hang in there Helen!

I was relieved to find the good news at the end of this, as the way it started was just so scary! I can only imagine the fear factors that you & Alayne were experiencing with all the blood that Helen lost! Then with the weather conditions working against you, whew! You two are truely working miracles. Thank you both so much for doing all you did to get Helen to Dr. Culver & share the great news about Helen. It's wonderful that her Tumors have shrunk.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Dear, sweet Helen! We sympathize and send you healing thoughts and prayers. We're going through chemo in our house, too, and our Jack's had some rough spells. For him the massive blood loss was from his nose, not his tummy, but it's frightening either way.

So great to hear that everything else looks good. It's amazing to me how quickly dogs are able to rebound from things that would keep me in bed for at least a week!

Poor sweet girl!! Glad to hear the tumors are disappearing though!

Hope she's feeling better and home where she belongs soon.

Wow, you not only need big hearts and a lot of dedication to do what you do, you need nerves of steel. These emergencies must take a lot out of you! I'm sorry you had to go through that scare, but very glad that Helen is feeling better and that the cancer seems to be kicked.

Harrowing! I'm so glad she is OK, and that you guys are too. You must be an excellent driver, Steve. And here's to Alayne, doing all the chores in the freezing snow storm by herself.

I think I would have had a heart attack had my dog thrown up all that blood. How spoiled I am having my vet just 10 minutes away, and Urgent Care 20 minutes away. I'm so relieved the end result was good news and not bad. Hope Helen will be home soon!

I got half way thru this blog and my heart started beating so fast I had to scroll down immediately to read the end. Thankfully it was a happy ending.

Hurry home Helen, your family is waiting for you!!!

Give Helen a hug and a kiss for me. I'm also sending a big high five to the two of you. Love your dedication!

Steve, I anxiously read about Helen and am relieved...but this post is about you and Alayne. As a rural Montana transplant myself, I think I appreciate more than most just how resourceful and self-sufficient you two have to be; your recent automatic waterer story comes to mind. Montana is continuing in the negative teens Fahrenheit this morning -- hang in there and stay well.

As much as you love Helen, we love you guys for going those extra snowy miles for her. Thank you.

Bless your hearts and thank goodness that Helen is doing well. When I saw the title of your blog post my heart just sank. Having lost my beloved Rottie just a few years ago to cancer I have really been hoping Helen would be OK.

Thanks so much to you and Alayne for all you do. Every day I get inspiration from reading your blog posts! Kisses and best wishes to Helen for a speedy recovery!

What a horrible experience but once again you and Alayne did WHATEVER it took to take care of the wellness of Helen. That was intense and I'm glad you are both safe!!!! You NEVER, NEVER cease to amaze me. It is a complete honor to support RDR!

You guys are saints, and brave. And I'm sure relieved at Helen's results, so glad to hear. Hope your day today is very calm!

Helen is such a sweet gentle girl! Hope she gets feeling better soon. Glad she has you guys to care for her and get her the medical help she needs! (no matter what kind of weather you have to go through to get her there!)

I am with Bryan. Bit of a hard case myself. Found this site and I am hooked on the happenings of the Rolling Dog. Helen is in my prayers as is all the four,three and wobbly legged critters of the Rolling Dog. Oh and the two legged folks also. Together they all bless my life everyday. thank you

Beautiful Helen....we are sending you love from Iowa for a total recovery.

Now just rest up and don't worry about anything!!

I'm glad her kidneys are okay. As I found out in March when I lost my little girl schnauzer, once the kidneys fail there isn't much veterinary medicine can do for them.
That was the case this morning. I just got home from having my boy schnauzer put down. His kidneys were failing also.
Steve and Alayne, I don't know how you do it. I've lost two this year and my heart hurts so. I can't imagine all the emotion you two wrestle with each year. You are titans.

I am so grateful that you were able to get out of the snow and to the vet...with tears of joy...I am praying for Helen...You both certainly know how to handle stress and emergencies!

Helen has always been one of my favorites...poor girl has been through the wringer. Please give her a huge hug from her #1 fan...and keep up the good work.

Poor Helen, she must have felt terrible!:-((( And how scary it must have been to see all that blood on the floor...

I'm so pleased, though, to hear that she's already feeling much better and that her tumors have disappeared!

Let's hope she won't needing any more chemo, from now on.

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

It kinda sounds like "the good, the bad & the ugly" just in a different order? Nice to see some great news come out of a ugly situation! Sending healing thoughts from British Columbia to you Helen......

Hell, I used to be a tough guy before I started reading this blog. Now, I just type and cry ;-) Great great

Poor Helen, as if you haven't been through enough! But I'm so glad your tumors are gone, and that you're on the mend again. Hugs to you, to Steve and Alayne and all the vet folks!

A very scary story indeed. Thank goodness the snow wasn't any worse. I'm so glad that Helen is on the mend and that her cancer treatment has been working. Someone is certainly watching over her.

What a frightening experience. With that much blood, I would not have predicted a happy ending. I'm so glad it all turned out well and that Helen's tumor has disappeared. But what timing...

Sweet Helen! We are all thinking wonderful thoughts for you, honey! Your mom and dad are taking wonderful care of you!!!

Hallelujah! Great to hear the good news! We will be praying for complete recovery for Helen.

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