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December 17, 2009


Wow!!! We did it. If there was any place that deserved the $20,000 it's the Ranch. I have been a reader of your blog now for a couple of years. Some days I cry others I laugh loud enough to stir my coworkers, and some days I grin all day. You guys are wonderful and deserve all the support you get. You love for the animals is so true and it shows every day. Hugs to all - especially the doxies (I am a doxie Mom of 2 with a third coming soon).

Luke's coat is gorgeous, what an imp of a sweetheart :)
Love to hear about the unique group of Rolling Dog Ranch alumni who've found families yonder.

Let's make this the best Christmas yet for the ranch, only 2 more days folks to vote!!!!!!!!!

What a gorgeous fellow! I love seeing Luke's tongue sticking out like a teddy bear's tongue.

Absolutely wonderful! I love to hear when people are spoiling them rotten. I can relate to that story so well. I'll work at computer & Erin will meow & hop on the desk & sit in front of the screen. And, of course, I'll stop what I'm doing to play! Many times he will take his nap right beside my feet or up on the desk in front of the screen! Spoiled? You bet!!!

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!! Nothing is more adorable than a dog begging for attention by putting his head in your lap - and I should know...with two VERY spoiled rescue boxers, who do the same thing.

YAY for Luke and double YAY for Kate! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

What a doll of a dog - and a doll of a Mom. Luke's spot in the world has his name on it now. :)

Luke looks SO beautiful, healthy & HAPPY (and huggable, too being the "black dogs" person that I am)! Simply wonderful.

He's clearly in good hands with Kate, and she's obviously trainable if Luke is anything like my Annie. She realized she would get treats from a sitter after coming in from her "business". Suddenly she was asking to go out a LOT... :)

We love happy blogs like this! Lucky Luke!
N&B in SC

Isn't spoiling our pets the whole point? :)

Goofy and incredibly adorable.

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