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December 22, 2009


What a perfect Christmas blessing Oliver will be!
Congrats Judy, Chuck and Sadie Mae; we wish you many years of happiness!

Congrats to Oliver I think of him often after Twist left...Cute couple

This is yet another gorgeous photo taken at RDR. Judy and Chuck both have fabulous smiles and the sun on the snow thru the clouds is just beautiful.

Congratulations Oliver; looks like you've hit the jackpot!

So happy for your Oliver! What a beautiful Christmas gift for all!

Merry Christmas, Steve, Alyane and all the angel animals on Rolling Dog Ranch. We feel blessed to follow along on your journey.

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Way to go Oliver and I'm so happy you won the 20,000! Woo hooO!

What a happy looking family. Congratulations to Oliver and his new family. What a great Christmas present for all 4 of you! Merry Christmas!

I saw your story on TV about 3 months ago and was so touched. The Rolling Dog Ranch is such a wonderful place and you can see the love and hard work you put into giving these animals a safe home. I also saw the link to vote for the shelter challenge and faithfully did so. First thing this am I had to check to see who won and was soooo happy to see it was yours. Thank you for all you do for these very hard to place friends. Bless you both!!

I love getting these updates. Finding out about and then setting up a monthly donation to Rolling Dog Ranch has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Being able to be a part of this place in even a small way warms my heart every day.

Thank you!


IT IS OFFICIAL. Rolling Dog Ranch won the $20000.00 Grand Prize in the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. I just went to their website and looked.
Way to go Steve and Alayne. You two are so deserving of this. What a wonderful Christmas present for the animals.

YOU WON! YOU WON! YOU WON!!!! Congratulations!!!

Arrrooooo! (That was Emmett).

And congrats to Oliver, for getting the bestest Christmas present ever - a new Forever home, complete with girlfried!

Way to go Oliver. And way to go Rolling Dog Ranch for winning the shelter challenge.... well deserved.

I just saw that your win is official on the Animal Rescue Site website. All our voting paid off!! I'm sure all the bloggers and friends of RDR are overjoyed, as I am. I know the grant will help with the vet bills this year. Congratulations!!!

How wonderful for Oliver. A new home for Christmas and a (girl)friend to live with. What a perfect holiday present. Judy and Chuck made the right decision. Good luck to all!

That is a wonderful Christmas story for Oliver! I'm excited for him, Sadie Mae, Judy & Chuck!


It is so well deserved & to this I will add...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Steve, Alayne & all the wonderful sweet, residents of RDR!!! May your season be bright & the New Year be filled with happiness, joy, love & peace. God bless all of you!

Congratulations on the win of the Animal Rescue Site Challenge!!!!!!

WooHoo Oliver! Way to go. What a great Christmas present for all involved. Looks like you will have great parents to really spoil you.

oh my gosh! so happy for oliver! He was always such an adorable little fellow. I'll miss his curly self and bunny hops around the sanctuary! Glad hes got a new home and a new lady friend!

Way to go Oliver! They do make a sweet couple :)

BTW CONGRATS Rolling Dog Ranch, it's official on the animal rescue site,
" is proud to announce the winners of The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge — together with Petfinder! Congratulations to our prize winners, and thank you to all of the deserving shelters who work so hard to help animals in need.

Grand Prize of a $20,000 grant to help animals:
·Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary, located in Ovando, MT"

This is the best Christmas ever, hug all the furkids for us!

Oh and by the way - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to go with the Shelter Challenge!!!

AHA! I sense a devious plot, and Widget is obviously behind it ... a systematic reduction of the Dachshund population by adoption while the Beagle numbers get amped back up! I wonder how on earth Widget got Katie and Greg posted to Japan so that she could get Willie back?!?!

It doesn't get much better than that, does it??

A beagle in one day; a dachshund out tne next day. Not mentioning any by name, but some breed is trying to stage a coup.

Congrats to Oliver for being home for Christmas! And congrats for winning the Petfinder grand prize! Woo hoo!

Happy news for RDR and I have my fingers crossed that there will be even more happy days ahead when the contest winner is announced tomorrow.

Congrats on the forever home Oliver!!!! I hope the lab still gets to play as it sounds like that is a very important time of day for him.

Yay!! What an awesome Christmas Present for Oliver!! They make a cute couple!

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