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December 16, 2009


Snow is so beautiful (I know - I don't have to work in it) - but it looks even better with a darling little Beagle head poking out of it. You go, Bailey!! Keep warm you guys!!

I guess Bailey hopes every day the cold & snow from the day before will be gone & it will be a nice, warm sunny day for him to play. Keep hoping Bailey it will be warm again...some day! I am amazed at the amount of snow & how cold it is there. Once again, I will say how much I admire you all for enduring this weather & keeping all of RDR safe & warm.

For an old Swede, that much snow is a welcome sight, but I can see why Bailey might feel a bit overwhelmed.


The pupometer, calibrated by the woodstove every evening, more reliable than a mercury or digital instrument, fueled by kibble and snugs.

How do you deal with potty breaks with this much snow? If we even get a dusting, my old dog won't leave the covered porch.

Bailey is way, way to cute.
4 days to go!!! Vote-Vote-Vote!!!

Bailey is just so adorable! Thanks to you both for keeping him and all his friends safe and warm in this cold winter.

That much snow just freaks me out.

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