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December 20, 2009


Helen- you have a special place in my heart, sweet girl. I hope going forward there is only comfort and joy ahead.

I am so happy Helen is home for the holidays & getting a break from chemo. What a sweet girl & love the look. Sorry to interrupt those all important naps, Helen but thank you for giving us a sweet moment of your time!

I am voting like crazy & am waiting anxiously for the results!!!!!!!! We will have to have a virtual champagne toast or whatever all the furry kids would like to toast with if & when the winner is announced to be RDR!!!!!

What a precious face! Glad Helen is home for the holidays!

In my heart you have already just need that cheque for $20,000 in your hands!

Well I voted all weekend, and at last count we were still #1. I am on pins and needles until Wednesday! I thought they would be annoucing the winner *today*. Helen, its so good to see you home!

She has such a sweet face. Can't wait to hear that you are the winner!!

I'm so glad that Helen is home for the Holidays & getting a break on the chemo treatments. Bless her heart, she's a good hugging size, so please give her some good warm hugs from me.
I've got my fingers crossed that you'll soon have the offical word that you got the prize for the most votes! You deserve all the prizes!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

As per the shelter challenge website the winners will be announced Wednesday December 23.

I'm so glad she is feeling better. I have also been thinking of her and wondering how she was doing.

It is great to see that Miss Helen got to come home to recover. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Shelter Challenge. I am optimistic.
Certainly you all deserve to win.

Helen I'm sorry your nap had to be interrupted but I am so glad to see your darling sweet face. Hope you get back to sleep on that comfy-looking green bed.

My finger is sore from clicking on RDR so see if the results are in .......I have a very strong feeling :)

We're very happy to see you home, sweet Helen! A 3 week holiday from chemo will do wonders toward recovery. My dog, Jack, just finished his weekly chemo and is now down to every two weeks... what a relief! We just hope we can keep that nasty lymphoma at bay for a while.

Sending loads of Merry Christmas wishes to Helen and all of her roomies at the Ranch!

Bless Helen's heart, I'm so glad she's getting a break!

About the challenge...I don't wanna wait until Wednesday! Seriously, you guys deserve every penny of that award and so much more! Voting for you has been my substitute method of support, given our severe cutback in income, this year. Hoping next year will be better so we can get back into the swing of giving!

What a sweetie! Wonderful she could be home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all at RDR and a very Happy New Year!

So glad Helen is home for the holidays! What wonderful news. Each day, when the stress at work is rapidly increasing, I sneak away for a quick read of the RDR daily blog. Good news, or not so great news on the blog that day, I feel somewhat connected to the ranch through the blog and not only take in the topic but the amazing surroundings and scenery. One of my goals in life is to take a trip out to the ranch from Georgia during vistior season and volunteer for a week. Thank you for all you do and have a wonderful Christmas.

Helen is home!!! WOOHOO! I am SO in love with this just have no idea! I am thrilled she is back home for the holidays...and praying that you all have a quiet, uneventful Christmas. We won, right??? Why am I even my heart I already know!

Hi Sweetie,

It is so nice to see you! We have been thinking of you and sending prayers and healing light. We are so glad that you will be home to celebrate the holidays.

Stay strong!


We love you Helen--you sweet Rottie!

Bless Helen's sweet little heart. We're pulling for you!

As far as the challenge goes ~~ it's a done deal as far as we're concerned! So well deserved and we are thankful to you and for you!

What a face!! Glad she's home for Christmas!!

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