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December 10, 2009


Well written blog. I have 3 dogs and 2 kittens. I just love hanging around them all the time! I love them all and there is no favoritism as well.They are like my family.

Thanks for sharing your article. I'm just wondering who's really smarter, dogs or cats? Which ever it is, i love them both! I have two dogs and a kitty and they are so adorable!

Very interesting article, thank you for sharing!

Hope you are staying warm. The last few days, when I've been trying to hurry the dog along in his outdoor activities so I can get inside, out of the windy 15-degree weather, I think of you and feel warmer. Slightly.

Thanks for sharing. That is an interesting article.

I'm not so sure it highlights the differences in intellect as much as it outlines the differences between the evolution of a species that operates in a pack versus one that operates in a solitary mode. Regardless, we choose our pets based on our love for them, not on their intelligence. If smarts were the deciding factor, we'd all have pet pigs!

Stay warm up there!

Dogs have more vocalizations?? Despite my yellow Lab being a snorer, my orange tabby far outdoes her in the conversation category!

I am, however, thinking they miss a key point in that article. WE can train dogs... yet cats train us. So who is the "smarter" species now?? LOL

LOVED the article, thank you for sharing!! (and that is coming from a dog/cat/guinea pig/horse person!)

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