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December 21, 2009


Never fear Katie and Greg...RDR is here!
Welcome back home, Willie

AND...thank you for returning him back to the ranch, you know he'll have exceptional care. : )

The RDR Beagle Politburo needed him back so Widget pulled a few strings with the Corps to get him back. Did Widget have little yellow paw prints painted on the ground for Willie to stand on when he got back to "basic Beagle training"?

Geez it is hard waiting for the contest results. Everyday I did my part by pulling up RRD on my computer and voting. Now.......wait wait wait.
Keeping my fingers crossed in WA state.

I'm so heartbroken for Katie and Greg. I know this is really hard and is yet one more reminder of the great sacrifices our military families make to serve us all. Of course there is no other better place on earth for Willie than RDR.

Blessings to you all.

Welcome back, Willie!!! My heart goes out to Katie & Greg. I know it was a very hard thing for them to not be able to take their special pal with them. But, knowing he was going back to a place he will be adored & loved like he was in their home hopefully makes it easier. And Willie, Widget will get you up to her standards of "Be all that you can Beagle" in no time. Widget, you're a special gal to not even flinch in taking Willie back under your paw!

Erin & I are on pins & needles waiting for the winner to be announced! We are keeping fingers & paws crossed that it will be RDR!!!

With due respect to the Army and its 'be all you can be' attitude, we would also do well to note the service of Greg and his fellow Marines. They answer to the call 'semper fidelis' ('always faithful'), something Willie, Widget and every doggie knows by heart, and it seems, is the unofficial motto of RDR, where the season of giving is year-round.

I could not stop looking at Willie's beautiful serene little face in this picture. He looks so sweet and calm. Best wishes and good luck Katie and Greg - and Merry Christmas!

Welcome Home Willie
I am sure he knew he was safe and in a place he will be loved as soon as he sniffed the special smells of the Rolling Dog.
To Greg and Katie I send out a special Thank you for your service.

Oh, Willie, that face of yours is just too precious. I'm so sorry Willie you had to leave your adoptive parents, but how happy I am you could return to the ranch. So many are not as lucky as you. I know you know that. :) God Bless You Willie and all the animals. We think you all Rock!

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Welcome back!!! Hugs and Kisses

A great gift to Willie that he will return to a loving home with surroundings he will soon remember. I am sure that Katie and Greg must be really sad to leave him behind.

Welcome back, sweet Willie!!

I'm sure he's happy to be with you again, but he's going to miss those mild California winters (not to mention Katie & Greg... They must be heartbroken, too.).

Can't wait to hear the contest results...:-)

While it's unfortunate that Willie can't go to Japan, he is coming back to the best place possible. I'm sure it was wrenching for Katie and Greg, I hope they really enjoy Japan. I lived in norhtern Japan when my dad was stationed there, and it was a truly wonderful experience.

I'm sure Widget needed a hobby anyway!

Willie is one of the lucky ones...he always has the best "back up plan" on the planet.
Being a single gal, I know if anything ever happened to me I could only wish my own rescue would have the same. Sure she would most likely have a home, a good home in fact...but guardians who really understand , appreciate & honor our blessed pets is what we all strive for.
I wait on pins & needles here and over at the shelter contest homepage...itching to know & celebrate. You two and your blessed pack truly deserve the prize, not just for rescuing and helping but focusing on the "less than perfect" pets & animals. Bless you all this holiday season and beyond.
On a final note of this epic response...I know you two of all people know how hard the economy has hit us all. I found it challenging to keep up my memberships with various wildlife & rescue orgs. but I was getting my pup some food & a holiday treat a few days ago when I noticed some "paws" it was to raise money for spay & neuter program here in Minnesota BUT they were keen on honoring memoriums, lost friends...we donated one on behalf of Luna, wish we could do more but her name and remembrance is shown & shared here in MN.

Welcome back Willie! Must be a bit of a shock to come back to all that snow and cold. I bet he's saying "Ovando is a long way from Twentynine Palms!" And to borrow a phrase from Widget "Be all you can Beagle Willie!"

I have my fingers crossed for the contest results! I'm so hoping a first place result will be a wonderful Christmas gift to you & Alayne & the animals at RDR!!!

Welcome back, Willie. You can still "Be all that you can Beagle." You're getting another shot at it--you can do it.

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