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December 19, 2009


A few months ago a friend of mine from Texas e-mailed me about your incredible sanctuary. I have voted for you everyday since. Your love and passion for your cause is such an inspiration. You deserve to be "FIRST PLACE". God Bless you.
Sharon, Bolingbrook,IL

Hey....we are cheering for you guys in Napa, Californa....I have had co-workers voting too!!!!!
My toes are crossed, my 6 weiner dogs' paws are crossed..... WooHoo RDR!!!!!!!!

Just cast my vote for the last time! Go, RDR!!!

I'm voting! I'm voting! I can't wait to hear the announcement!

WooHoo, way to go. I will anxiously await the announcement after the final hour. It will be a well deserved prize!

So close. I posted it on FB and on Shelter Tails.

I have posted the links on my Facebook page and have had a few people say they've gone in to vote. It would be such excellent news to hear that you've won. I'm crossing fingers, toes and eyes! Good luck!!

My own financial situation this year has prevented me from donating as much to my favorite charities but I have tried to do my part by voting both from my home PC and my work PC each and every day. I will be so very excited if RDR wins. VOTE.....VOTE.....VOTE everyone! Go RDR!

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