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November 18, 2009


I love all your animals and their stories. I laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. But, I must admit, I am very partial to the dachshunds. I adopted Fritzy 7 yrs ago. He is now 14. Although I am now retired, he still wakes me up exactly at 5:20 a.m. Habits are hard to break! So, after his morning potty trip, I come up and vote for RDR on my computer. EVERY MORNING! I am also a creature of habit.

Gabrielle in Seattle

We're on our twice annual (I never knew where "bi-annual" or "semi-annual" meant twice a year or once every two years)trip to California to visit my wife's family. In the hotel lobby there are three computers and each computer has Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. So I've been voting twice on each computer each day - six votes per day! It seems to work and I'm glad to see that RDR is still in first place!

My little guy, Renaldo, who is a dachshund/chi mix, seemed to have brought his blanky to the door with him today when I got home. It was stuck to his collar! Poor little guy. He's under the blanekts now, sitting next to Mommy.

That is awfully cute and resourceful of her.

Daisy blends so well with the first bed that I didn't even see her, at first!

Voting is part of my morning ritual, too, 7 days a week, before I even look at e-mail!

Now that is just doggone cute! You guys have a treasure trove of cute behaviors to capture on camera! Very much enjoy them. Daisy is a little sweetheart!

I wonder if it makes her back feel better ? Having her neck straight instead of down. Smart hound! :) Cute photo.

I love her. She is too cute for words.

Off to vote's my morning ritual.

What a smart little doll! And her beautiful reddish-brown coloring comes through in contrast to the bed underneath her.

Ok, now you have to post a photo of her moving the bed....

I love all your posts and all the animals on your ranch, but I must say I really love the dachshunds and the posts about their antics. They are something else! I can just picture Daisy pulling this big bed to rest her pretty little chin.

Barbara Techel & Frankie
Author of the Frankie Series Books
Offical Mascot of National Disabled Pets Day

It appears the humans are failing. She wants pillows!!!!

Wow...this is big task for her!
Glad the reward was a soft chin afterwards, probably a big *sigh* too!

How adorable and resourceful she is! Hey blog readers, we can't let up on our voting over the next few weeks, even though we may be off from work. Did you notice that Dennison City Pound moving up in the rankings?? They must have their entire town voting for them! We don't want RDR to be edged out at the last minute - it would be heartbreaking. So keep voting on all your PCs and on the weekends too - even if it means taking a break from the shopping! Thanks all.

Wow....that is one determined little girl. Good for her!

Daisy dog is so smart. She knows how to get comfy for the day.

Too cute! She earned that chin rest!

That is so adorable! She must work so hard to get the beds just perfect.

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