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November 22, 2009


We're glad to see Goldie enjoying her presents.
Squeak, squeak, peep, smaller peek. No peep and no squeak. What does she do then? Probably look for a new toy. ;p

I love that rear end sticking out of the laundry basket. How cute is that?!

Great photos -- they really capture what dogs are all about.

That is hilarious! I love how she knows exactly how to bust open the box for the prizes!!! The pictures were all great, I felt like I was right there with her sharing the excitement!!!

Very sweet!;0

What a hoot! Great job getting pics of the start to the finish of Goldies
determined retrieval of the squeeky toys that were hidden away in the box. She is a smart girl and true retriever. I love the picture at the end of her turning her back on everyone and guarding her new toy. Boy those laundry baskets surely seem to be popular with your canine crew.

To the victor go the spoils! Whoo Hooo, looky what I got. :) Great way to start off a Monday. Umm, I think you need bigger laundry baskets for those extra lard loads. :)

Goldie is so pretty. Next time you write a blog about her please mention what breed she is and where you got her. She's not on the dog bio page but I think I recall you saying she came from Seattle with you and Alayne. She looks like a small golden retriever. And I agree with everyone; that last photo is adorable!

What is it with ripping out the squeakers? Our Bailey does that, too, with the exception of one toy--and I think she was starting on that one, about a week ago, but I took it away. I gave the toy back a little later, and she seems to have forgotten about the squeaker, for now. But if ripping them out is the dog's first agenda, why do dog-toy makers even put the stupid things in??

So happy they enjoyed them!

That last photo of Goldie with her butt hanging out of the laundry basket has to be one of funniest ever! Funny how she has no idea she's too big for the basket. And how percetive is she that she knows when the squeaky toys are in the box? Every dog has a special talent, don't they.

You can almost sense her excitement...wonder how she knows?

I just love the photos! So Widget looms AND lurks. And the photo of Goldie in the laundry basket...!
That started my Monday off on such a happy note.
Your blog posts make me feel like the animals are part of my family too. Thank you so much.

Absolutely priceless. My dogs love squeeky toys but to be able to smell them out is something. Being blind does not seem to be a handicap in this case.

This is great!

Love the last picture!!

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