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November 11, 2009


She's a beautiful girl! I'm struck by her blue eyes; I know they don't work for her, but they are gorgeous! So good to hear how well she tolerated the four IV doses; I do hope she does as well with the next drug.

What a sweet face! Glad to hear that the chemo protocol is going well! Thanks for sharing the good news!

Whatta girl Helen. That's WONDERFUL news!

I'm so happy for Helen, but I'm also struck by how wonderful these vets are in helping you guys and your animals.

I can't wait for some snow to fall on my mountain too.

You go girl!!!

Way to go, Helen! I'm so glad to hear that the treatments are such a piece of cake for her, with no side effects & are working! It's all good! Big hugs to Helen!
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Yay for Helen! So happy to hear this good news about her. Keep it up, Helen!

Do dogs get lung cancer from second hand smoke? I imagine they do.

Great news. Glad to read that her chemo regime is going well. Again, as always, you guys are awesome.

I just LOVE that face. Blind Helen is one of my favorites. Really glad to hear she's responding to chemo.

Thanks for the update.

Hi there beauty!! We love you Helen.

Hope you are enjoying the snowfall.

It's good to see Helen and to know she's reacting well to her medication. We hope she enjoys this winter, next spring, summer, fall....and on and on!

With all she is going through, it is nice to hear that she is not exhibiting and side effects. Fingers crossed for her continual improvement....she is so beautiful!

Thank you for posting this. Helen has been in my thoughts all this time. So very happy she is doing well.
Snow... I envy you.

What a strong, resilient girl... Brava Helen, keep up the good fight!

Thank you, Alayne & Steve, for sharing such good news with us.:-)

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Helen keep up the good health! You were a "star" in the Jack Hana Show!

I'm so happy for Helen! That is awesome. She looks like such a sweet baby!

That a girl Helen; show us how it's done!

Snow?? Gee, time flies....

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