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November 30, 2009


This is a classic! Is Alayne going to get the bumper sticker made for you for your Christmas Stocking? You never know!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Too bad for The Great Hound-ini that his baffling escapes are now thwarted. But hurray for you in outsmarting the culprit, Steve.

That is hilarious & how silly you must have felt being outwitted by a blind dog. And, the dogs still in their crates were probably wondering why he was getting to party by himself!!! Trooper as John Belushi is definitely an image I could imagine. Well, Cedar, sorry the night time parties for 1 have ended, at least, for the time being!!

Cedar must have been bored doing all that quantum physics in his head....mechanical much more practical!

OK Question
As you were looking over the latch system to figure out what was wrong was Cedar was he watching you like a Blind dog does??
LOL he might have you figured out.
Great Story

It's okay Steve, my dogs out wit me on a regular basis. :)

Steve, I feel your pain. After having two wolves who were escape artists and a Border collie who learned to open the refrigerator, I've decided they are not BAD dogs, they are just very helpful. They help me to identify the weak point in the fence (so that I can fix it) or they show me that the towel hung on the refrigerator door handle can be pulled to open the door (so I can find a new place for the towel).

It's like saying "We have a problem here, Mom. See?"

This story cracked me up! Thanks Steve and of course, Cedar!!! He looks so small in the crate and he's a big dog!

I wonder what all the other dogs thought when they realized Cedar was "free"!!!!

And I have to apologize. I laughed out loud at the part about you always finding a pile of poop. Sorry !!

Great last remark! ; )

Cedar-dini, wonder when he'll strike again?

Those horrible latches on the 700 crates also break faster than the traditional ones. One can imagine
the wear and tear rendered at shelters that have to use them.
I sell crates for a living, so will be stealing your new knowledge
to pass on to clients.
Thank you for a great story!

I always wondered how you handled the critters at night. Sorry Cedar, your evening escapades are now at an end....until you figure out your new cage!
( I can SO totally see Trooper in the Belushi role, too!!)

I love these stories and I love the fact that you had the modesty (or should I say you were proud enough of Cedar) to admit to this! =)

When ya gotta "poop" ya gotta...well you get the idea. Can't do it in your own bed unless you're 2 YO or less ....LOL

When a dog's gotta go....a dog's gotta go!

Welcome back! We've missed your ongoing sagas........always brings a smile (and chuckle)! Never a dull moment at RDR.

VERY funny!!

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