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November 16, 2009


What a precious girl that Sam is! Glad to hear the tumours are benign! Sending her lots of hugs!

I like the way she is keeping a close eye on you & I think she was also watching to make sure she wasn't going to be led to the bath too! A horrible!!! I'm so happy smilin' Sam did dodge a bullet!!! YAY!!!

I remember Samantha's story, and I remember how her owner learned where she ended up. I'm so glad RDR took her in. She's a real sweetie. I know her owner must feel relieved to know she has such a great home. Thanks, Steve & Alayne!

Look what a good girl Sam is getting her stitches out. I'm so proud, as if she's mine. Guess it's cause she looks just like my 13 yr old black lab mix. She's also a good girl for vetting and grooming tasks.

Gratitude shoutout to the universe for the benign results!!

This was so funny...a BATH? Oh no!! But examining a sensitve area, go ahead!
You and Sam look very patient in the photo, I can tell she's a sweet girl.
Glad to see her doing so well!

I'm so glad Smilin' Sam's doing well.

That dog wash tub looks like such a back saver!

I sure could use one of those bath tub is getting lower and lower each year!
Hooray for benign biopsies...they seem to be the exception rather that the rule these days.

was it deaf tyler that used to enjoy sleeping in that bath tub?

Sweet Baby! You are a very lucky girl, Samantha.... for so many reasons!

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