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November 10, 2009


Once again, kudos to you all for hanging in there with Mitch & showing him who is boss. It's wonderful he has come so far to learn to respect you & I hope he may someday learn to play nice w/ other dogs. It's sad to me he is alone in a pen but the bright side of it he is surrounded by other dogs w/ a fence between them to keep the others safe.

I finally got to see the Jack Hanna show. It was so exciting to see you all, hear you talk & see the ranch. My heart swelled with pride knowing such a special place & people were getting this time & exposure. Jack & his wife were truly touched by RDR & the wonderful work you all do. I hope someday to meet you all & your furry family. What an honor it would be for me to finally be able to do that.

Wow....what an amazing job you both have done with Mitch. So glad you didn't give up on him. This is truly a new lease on life for him.

I was wondering about the other dogs on the ranch and am glad to hear about one. Thanks for hanging in there with this guy.

Incidentially, my deaf dachshund/chihuahua mix attacked a neighborhood pomeranian on Sunday in the dog run, so we won't be going back. It was such a nice morning and I thought, oh good, six little dogs, and next thing I know we were the skunks at the garden party! They all need boundaries.

Thanks for hanging in there with Mitch. You are fortunate to have found each other with your honed "dog smarts" to understand his behavior and help him into the pack.

Good for you! I'm impressed, because your FAQ very clearly conveys that you will/cannot accept dogs with behavioral challenges (which I totally understand).
I've learned that there are some dogs who are simply loners and will not ever have a lot of dog friends and that is okay as long as they respect their people. The fact that he now respects you is excellent and I bet you accomplished it without punitive measures.
Another website I read has a training protocol they use called NILIF (nothing in life is free). Sounds like what you're describing you used!

Wow, the male version of my dog! Challenging but so worth it. How wonderful that you stuck with it and figured out what works for him. You guys are awesome.

I was wondering how Mitch was doing. I admire you for working with him instead of just giving him the boot. Commendations to you for finding a solution for Mitch!

Alayne and Steve,

Thank you for sticking with Mitch. I know animals with aggression and dominance issues often get short shrift with humans and get little chance at rehabilitation. Thank you so much for fitting in Mitch's very important training on top of EVERYTHING else you have to do at the ranch. You two are simply amazing.

I will preface this with a statement that I really do understand why he has to be alone.

That said, I feel so sad for him, because he doesn't have anyone to play with. If I thought you guys had something called "spare time," I would ask if you could give him short period of supervised play with one or more other dogs, but I don't think you have that. And besides, I'm sure he could do considerable damage before you could break it up, even if you were nearby.

Poor baby.

You KNOW you are a dachshund personality Steve. Admit it, you would rather roll up in a blanket with your bum sticking out and sleep all day ;)

Great job in tackling the 'tough' ones. :)

You should contact Cesar Milan about Mitch's domination issues - it would be a great showcase for the ranch on a national level!

It's great to see Mitch; I remember when you posted his first appearance. He's certainly making improvements...good boy!! and thanks for sticking with him, animals are good from the core out, sometimes they just need a little RDR tweeking. : )

I understand how difficult it can be to try to redirect an aplha into a more submissive position in the pack....good work...keep it up. He may never be a 'team player', but you are working with him...for that, and for everything else you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Alayne and Steve I just saw the Jack Hanna piece he did on the ranch, it was great. It was so great for me to see the dogs, cats and horses I get to read about. One more time ( oh I'll probably do it many times more...but)Thank you once again for the wonderful plaace you have given these animals to live and the loving & kind way you have with them....Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for taking such good of these great animals. My dream is before I die (hopefully not to soon) is to come and visit the Rolling Dog Ranch and meet the two of you. God Bless...Diane Bowlin

I love just LOVE seeing this blog on Mitch! Hip Hip Hooray for you hanging in there with him! I let him know who was boss when I met and walked him and he totally respected me. He always got a little extra walk because he is a Husky boy!!

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