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November 19, 2009


Cute! We have also Dachshunds here. Her name is Zarabia and she is color black and has a long body.

I have a Mr. Caterpillar! I can't believe you'd subject him to such torture!

I saw Mr. Catepillar at Sam's Club and thought of your pups.. So you folks that are looking for one, I saw them at Sam's. I think they were $50.00

My dachs need a mr. caterpiller too. Where can I find one?

The new Mr. Pillar is the perfect toy for Bailey!
Thank you Jon and Stephanie for spreading joy to Bailey and all the RDR followers...this is the cutest!!

Can't believe Mr Caterpillar Sr. is doing as well as he is. Clearly the Dachshunds have taken pity on him and allowed him to live amongst them. After all, its hard to find good chin rests these days!

Where can I find a Mr. Caterpiller?

OK, now Frankie wants a Mr. Caterpillar-- this is such a cute picture. I just will never get tired of all the great doxie pics you get!!

Barbara Techel
Mom to Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog
Mascot for National Disabled Pets Day

It's definitely not just a Doxie thing- my Beagle always has to have his chin on something- usually me!

It's not just a dachshund thing, my little rescue fox terrier uses her toys for chin rests too! First she crosses her paws then puts the toy on top, then she rests on it.
Those caterpillar pictures are stinkin' cute! xo, suzy

That first picture certainly gave me a good start to my day! Bailey is so adorable! I was thinking that maybe this one should be Mrs. Caterpillar just to even out the caterpillar gender balance in the household!

I hate to say it, but my Border collie does the chin rest, too!

Maybe there necks get tired from the burden of carrying their long bodies around. Maybe they need to go to the chiropractor ;)

Great glamour shot with little Bailey draped luxuriously over his new pal. I guess the chin boost gives some relief for those long little curvy bodies. Darling pictures!

Oh no, I hope my dachshunds don't find out about Mr. Caterpiller. They would rip the eyes out first thing! Then they would rip its guts out,,, then they would, well you get the idea. I have discovered that if I put all the dog beds together in my house, it is larger then my own bed. {sigh} I think I need a Mr. Caterpiller.

Great post! Love the backstories and that first photo is just too darn cute for words. I want to be that happy!!!!

Why do Dachshunds love chin rests? Because their heads are sooooooo heavy! LOL!

I think sleeping with a chin rest is easier on their spines. Too cute!

We haven't seen Mr Caterpillar in a while; it's nice to know he is still with us. The 'new kid on the block' has not idea what's in store for him, lol! (He's adorable, btw)

Dear Steve & Alayne, with all these sweet, adorable Doxie photos, I'm afraid I'm having a "cuteness overdose"...;-))

Have a great week-end!

These are the CUTEST pictures!!

I cannot believe Mr.Caterpillar is still around! This is hilaroius!

AHHH Bailey! Thank you for the big smile on my face! And thank you to Jon and Stephanie for a new and improved Mr. Catepillar. You can tell this is more Dachshund size friendly - you know~~(a little closer to the floor, shhhhh)

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