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November 24, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL at RDR. I am thankful for you and all those who help and respect all our 4 legged's lives.My 'kids' teach me everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving, Steve, Alayne & all the wonderful furry residents of RDR.

Nothing like a "snow cone" first thing in the morning!!! Love the 2nd pic w/ the snow on the nose!

"A snootful" used to mean alcohol, I guess to you northern folks (or at least Dusty) it means snow!

Happy Thanksgiving. We're all thankful that you do what you do and for your loving hearts. Have a delicious day.

I am thankful for getting to know everyone at Rolling Dog Ranch. I am grateful that you two have such wonderfully large hearts to help the 4-foots who need it. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Happy holiday to Steve, Alayne and all the fuzzy furry kids of RDR!

Snow cones, Dusty style! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all at RDR.

Fabulous photos!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful you share life on the Ranch with us

Dusty's story is one of the ones that really touched me when I read it. Thanks for an update on him. Looks like the sun is just coming up in the photos. Thanks for getting out of your warm bed to go out in the cold to let all our friends out of their crates. And thanks for all the blog posts on each of their personalities and quirks.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Happy Thanksgiving Dusty!!!! You look great. Have fun in the snow my friend!!!
Love, Cheryl

What beautiful pictures. Dusty seems to be in his element. Happy Thanksgiving to you both, your workers and of course, to your animal family. I am sure they are thankful for you and all that you do for them. God Bless you.

Beautiful Dusty...white on white. Perfect for today!

Happy Thanksgiving to the ranch and their beloved followers.

There's much to be grateful for!

Steve and Alayne,
Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Just BEAUTIFUL of Dusty. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL at the Rolling Dog Ranch---now that is something to be thankful for.....

Have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure all your fuzzy minions at RDR are giving thanks you came into their lives.

Great pics!!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I will be going to work at little bit early , as usual, to cast extra votes. Just like you and Alayne, my work knows no holidays. Enjoy some turkey and R&R!!!

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