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October 15, 2009


Well done! No two animal-tarians are more deserving. You are truly inspirational.

Thanks so much for what you do!

Lisa B. and Blind Hope =^..^=

Thank you for all that you do! You bless so many souls - those with two and four legs!

Hooray!!!! Congrats, and well deserved!

You guys are so wonderful and inspiring and you deserve this award so much.

Congratulations and lots of love to you both and the animals.

Awesome! and well deserved!

Yay!!! Woo-hoo! CONGRATULATIONS! The award is well-deserved for all the amazing work & devotion you all show to each & every animal. I am so proud. I know there is a lot of celebration going on among all your furry kids that appreciate all you do for each & every one of them whether they are calling the ranch home or adopted or made the trip to Rainbow Bridge!! I am so proud to be a supporter as I am sure each of your supporters feel the same.

Very well done guys!!

I love reading your blog and it's one of the first sites I check every morning...thanks for doing what you're doing...and here's to many more years doing the same!

Lisa in CA

This is awsome!So many others are seeing the GREAT WORK that you do. I make it my daily routine to vote so you will remaine #1 in the challange also, it is least all of us readers can do, for all that you do for the animals in your care.CONGRATULAIONS AGAIN!!!!

What wonderful news! Congratulations to you both. You deserve it so much.

Just saw on Jack Hanna's website that the episode featuring RDR will air 11-6-09. Check Also check your local TV listings. Can't wait!!

Congratulations! What an honor and well deserved, you both work incredibly hard, every day!

Steve & Alayne-

You guys ROCK! Congratulations-you so deserve this honor and recognition. WAY TO GO-YIPPEEE!

Congratulations Steve and Alayne! I volunteered for 13 years in adoptions at the ASPCA so it is very near and dear to my heart. And it's very appropriate that you won the Henry Bergh award.

Not many people probably know about Henry Bergh but he founded the ASPCA, the first animal shelter in the US, in 1866. At a time when carriage horses and domestic animals were routinely treated cruelly, Henry Bergh was the first to raise awareness of the plight of animals. He made their voices heard. The same way you both help people see that animals with disabilities have the same potential for joy and wonder as other animals.

Congratulations again on such a well-deserved award.

Congratulations Steve and Alayne! No two people are more deserving of this award than the two of you. You guys are awesome!

That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you! It's a well-deserved honor. I'm very glad that your hard work and dedication are being recognized in a national, highly-visible forum. Congratulations!! Are you going to bring a spokesdog along to the luncheon? Preferably one too short to reach the table?

They are recognizing what we all out here have known for years, you two have the most loving hearts in the world. Any animal fortunate enough to wind up in your care has reached paradise. Congratulations, you are more than deserving!

Bravo!!! So well deserved and nice recognition of the hard work you guys do. Thank you so much for all you do!

congratulations you 2. Well deserved.

Congrats to you and alayne. As everyone else has said, well deserved.


Did you EVER in your WILDEST dreams imagine this when you "launched" from the Seattle corporate world to follow your hearts?! WOW. Such an inspiration. I know you're not in it for the recognition other that the tail wags... and satisfaction of giving comfort to all the special RDR gang. Glad that more & more folks will be exposed to your great message, work and results. YAY!

Congrats, Alayne & Steve! The love you give & the work you do with your wonderful animals is totally deserving of this recognition.

HOOOORRAAAAYYYYY!! Go Steve and Alayne! - Go RDR! - Go all the sweet aniamls! I am very happy that you are getting this recognition that you so deserve!! I also put a link to the ranch on facebook - even with my halting technical skills.

Congratulations on being rewarded for all your hard work on behalf of animals! Much deserved!

Your hard work and dedication brings another well deserved award!
Blessings to all @ RDR

Congratulations! Much deserved!

It's time for me to break my silence. WAY TO GO TO STEVE AND ALAYNE! It's an honor to work with two incredibly remarkable people. (I'll deny writing this when we start working on the upcoming newsletter!)

With much love, your graphic/web slave for more years than I can remember.


Well done Alayne and Steve!! As a huge fan of yours, I'm pleased to see that the ASPCA has given you this honor. Congratulations!!

Congrats from myself and all the furkids you have opened your hearts to! You both truly deserve this award for the wonderful work you do. You should as proud of yourselves as all your readers are!

Alayne and Steve! Congratulations!
Of course, we(your long time fans) have always known you are very special people and deserve a special award for the love you give your special animals!
Nancy and Buddy in NJ

Frankie and I could not think of anyone more deserving! CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so thrilled for you all... esepcially for all the animals in your tender, loving care. I plan to share this with my readers. So proud of you!!

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

WAY TO GO !! Well deserved.

This award and new recognition for the Ranch is just wonderful and certainly well deserved. So many more people will learn about you and additional support will mean more animals can be saved; even if it means hiring help! I'm so happy for you both and all the animals who are living wonderful lives because of you. Getting to do what you care about most every day is certainly a blessing.

Heartfelt Congratulations, Steve & Alayne!
To a more worthy recipient it could not go! God bless you.

AWESOME - Congratulations! I'm thrilled for all of you!

Congratulations on a well-deserved honor!

We are so very proud of you! You two deserve recognition for all you do.

Thanks for that link, Darcie.

I'm thrilled that you're getting the reward you so richly deserved time after time after time. This makes me want to dance in the street! Congrats on getting your due!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations for a well-deserved award!

Three cheers for Steve & Alayne!

WOW - that is awesome!! You truly deserve it. Congratulations you guys.

What a wonderful acknowledgement of the great work that you've accomplished at RDR. Our congratulations to you both.

Adding my congratulations! And I shared the article on FB. Anything to give you guys more exposure and, we can hope, more in donations!

Congratulations on a truly well-deserved award!

does Alayne have a pair of stiletto heel to wear in NY or will she wear her mucking boots? :)

Congratulations Alayne and Steve!

There is no one more deserving than you! I know your furry family would concur!!

i've been brought to tears with so many of my daily RDR blog reads. the tears today are of joy and pride for both of you, your volunteers and all who support RDR. you guys are the best - a stellar example of what an animal sanctuary should be! GOOD ON YA!!!

YIPPEEEEEEE!!!! Well deserved!!!

Hmmmmm.... any bets if Margaret will be sneaking inside while Alayne is gone?

BRAVO AND A STANDING OVATION!! That is what each resident at RDR past and present feels about your award!! We are all grateful for your dedication to these "SPECIAL" animals.


You may be interested in this link from our Massachusetts SPCA, this little blind pup has been making the news back here the last couple of days.

That is awesome guys. Well deserved!
KING TV Seattle

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