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October 29, 2009


Wanted to add how awesome it was of Senator Baucus to call RDR & offer his congratulations. Gives me hope that there are some DC folks that really do care about their people!

Congratulations! This was an award that was definitely deserved. Alayne, you are beautiful! Sorry the trip was such an ordeal & I know you'll be glad to be back home but I'm glad you made it safely.

great site with very good look and perfect information...I like it...'re a Goddess!

How cool that Senator Max called (again). This speaks volumes for how important your ranch is to him.

This award is SO well deserved by you; so many people and animals love and admire you. I and my animal family, humbly bow to you.
We're throwing in a few slurpy kisses too! : P

As everyone else says GREAT JOB we are all so happy for you and all your animals.I can't think of any one more deserving of this high honor. I must make both of you fell like you have made the right choices in your life.Through you both, you are making alot of your readers wishes come true too. Keep up the great work and we will keep voting for you and all the furry friends.

Everyone else has expressed it so well, I can only agree...I could never look so good! Especially on next to no rest & a hectic time getting to NYC for the award ceremony! I think all the love that the two of you give the animals come back to you in many ways, as I think you both look younger than nine years ago when you began RDR. Thank you for all that you do & I'm thrilled that you are getting the publicity that you so richly deserve. May it come back to you in donations, as more and more people become aware of the awesome work that you two are continually doing.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Congratulations to both of you! Alayne looks wonderful!

Congratulations! All the fuzzy kids back at the ranch are saying "way to go, Mom! We love ya!"

Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! So proud of you both!! And sooooooooooo happy for you... Frankie and I doing the happy dance in celebration. Woo hoo!!

Barbara Techel & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

I'll chime in - really nice photo, no one would ever guess she'd just gone through such a grueling travel experience. I hope the trip back is easy and fast. You have an awesome Senator!

Congratulations to you both. The award was well deserved. Alayne, that is a lovely picture of you.
After such a difficult trek too.
Obviously Montana living is agreeing with you.
How gratifying the award and the call from Max must be for you both. Once again, well done.

Congratulation Alayne,Steve and RDR....its simply stamps what us supporters have recognized long ago that you are who we want to be and you have made this world of us so much better.
I'm certain the animals( kids) at the ranch are so proud of you.
I will always recognize your work with my support
Thank you for all you do

Congratulations!!! And Alayne looks stunningly beautiful!!!

Wow - Alayne you look radiant and beautiful, even on almost no sleep! Congratulations to y'all, Steve and Alayne, and the gem of a group that makes RDR -you are the best!! Alayne, hope you can hibernate at least for a little while when you get back.

Alayne- I wish you a blissfully relaxing, 1st class ride back home! But if your travels were exhausting, you sure couldn't tell from your gorgeous photo - your smile absolutely beams as a focal point.

Senator Max is very cool! If I were in Montana, he'd have my vote, and hopefully he's voting for you in the Shelter Challenge, too, :)

My heart is just bursting with joy for you both and for all of the animals, both past and present. This is such a well deserved award and I am sure the national recognition won't hurt either! Way to go guys. Montana (and all your fans) is very proud of you.

Sorry about that weather here in Denver! ... but so glad she got there to receive the award for you guys. Congratulations once again!!!

Beautiful picture, beautiful work!

Safe travels home, get some rest Alayne. Sounds like a hard day's work on the ranch is easier than flying the 'not so friendly' skies across country.

Conratulations on a much-deserved award! Time for a party of celebration!!!

No one deserves that award more than the two of you. Thank you for everything you do for the animals. Keep up the good work!

A fantastic award and well deserved. You both work so hard and give the animals such a good life.

Sorry you had such travel woes, Alayne....but I am thrilled it worked out! You look fabulous, dear girl!! And again, to everyone who works and volunteers at SO deserved this honor! Congratulations!!

Once again, heartfelt congratulations on a well-deserved award!

Alayne looks lovely in that photograph.

On a side note: I wish we had thoughtful politicians like Senator Baucus here in Italy...

Loving Alayne's red carpet photo! Congrats to you both and to the critters.

Congratulations to RDR and kudos to Alayne for the endurance run to NYC to pick up her ASPCA Bergh award.

Glad Alayne made it there safely! She looks so happy in the picture!

I was flying out of Denver too but not to some important Awards Ceremony.

Kristin I'm with you---I'm sure people think I'm obsessed with RDR! (I confess--I am!!)

Steve and Alayne you are angel's here on earth--I truly mean it and it makes my heart soar to see the Ranch recognized on a national this is GREAT NEWS!!!!

Hope all the animals back at the ranch are throwing themselves an awards party! whoo hoo!

Alayne: You look beautiful.

Congratulations! I am thrilled to see RDR honored by the ASPCA. I tell everyone I know who will listen (and even a few that don't) about RDR. You two are angels on earth.

AMAZING!! Sounds like a pretty awesome Senator!!

Great picture too! Alayne looks fantastic, especially given her flight issues!!

KUDOS!!! A MUCH DESERVED HONOR BESTOWED UPON YOU BOTH!!! I can only aspire someday to be a fraction of goodness towards all creatures, great and small, that you and Alayne are. You two are absolutely incredible!!! Much love from Cinci-Carolyn

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