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October 28, 2009


I've long admired the caring work you do at the RDR... I work for the ASPCA and am so delighted that you've been recognized with the ASPCA's 2009 Henry Bergh award! Just know it will bring you more support... Happy Holiday Season!

Fantastic article!

I'm a little late to the party due to computer problems but wanted to comment that my favorite part of this article is how the author noted that both of your "previous" lifes seem to have prepared you to successfully run RDR. Funny how things work out isn't it?
I also read her previous article from 07 and got teary eyed at the mention of Pappy. And I just love y'all's "how we met" story !!

What a huge award! This is amazing! Nobody deserves it more than RDR! Congratulations Steve and Alayne. Huggers to you two!!

Great article. Priceless and well deserved I hope it introduces you all to many new fans.

What a wonderful article that captures the essence of what RDR does for the animals that society has thrown away.I'm so very, very proud to support you in any way I can. Many blessingsto you and all the beautiful animals that call RDR home. The Henry Bergh Award is so richly deserved!!! I only wish I could be in New York to give Alayne a standing ovation when she receives the award!!!

Congrats on a absolutely well deserved award. Wonderful story from Ms. Peters, the last line was the best & so accurate, I read it with tears in my eyes.
Just wanted to mention how much I love the daily blogs. I'm sure it sometimes is a pain in the butt, but please know how appreciated they are with keeping us emotionally attached to you.

A wonderful post about all that you do. A great tribute to you guys, and for your well deserved reward! Thank you for all your hard work and love!

Let the whole world know about Rolling Dog Ranch! : )

Lovely story on you and the ranch.

what a wonderful article and a well deserved
award! I love that Widget's sofa spot was mentioned...she will be soaking that up :) Such a great way to educate people about how disabled animals deserve every bit as much love and respect as able bodied animals do. Congrats to you both!

What an outstanding article! Sharon did the ranch (and you two) quite proud! I feel blessed to have found your blog...and it is the high point of my day, every day! Congratulations!!

It's so wonderful and well-deserved that you two and the Ranch are being recognized. More attention can only mean more donations (hopefully) and more animals finding a wonderful home with others like themselves. Can't wait to hear the details about Alayne's trip to NYC.

Great article. I've posted the link on my Facebook page. Congratulations on a very well deserved award.

What an awesome write-up about the ranch and the two loving hearts that run it! Keep up the good work. Blessings to you and the critters!

Lovely article. Well deserved recognition.

That was lovely. Thank you for posting!

Two TV stations in my area have the Jack Hanna Into the Wild show about Rolling Dog Ranch set to air on Saturday Nov. 7 !! Can't wait!!

Great article! I especially liked learning more about daily life on the ranch. Glad to see more publicity coming your way. Congratulations again on the award!

What a great story! I am posting it at Shelter Tails later today.

A big congratulations to you both again(and your brood)! I love reading about your family in Beautiful Montana!

I wasn't crazy about the "pack of throw aways" comment, and it must just be me, but the whole article had a rather dismal light cast on it. Like living in isolation, how much everything costs, the fact that Steve and Alayne never get to leave the house together. It was like "Geez, it sounds awful, how do they get through the days?" Yes, life is tough. But the rewards (and I'm sure Steve and Alayne will back me up on this) of getting to watch all these animals experience every day of life outweights all those loads of daily laundry and the 4 hour morning feedings. I'm hoping to see a more upbeat article next time!

Congratulations on this well deserved award. Now, onto the Shelter Challenge Award!!!

That's a GREAT article and really captures (from my view!) of what you guys do there!! Keep up the great work!!

Wow - Ms. Peters really captures the loving spirit of the ranch in this easy to read and flowing story. I am so happy you guys won the award!! Hope the trip to receive it is great fun!!

What a great write up. Made me tear up a bit.
Widget will be very pleased that she was singled out for recognition.

Great article! I'm so happy that you guys, the ranch, and especially the animals are getting this kind of recognition. Congratulations are well-earned; you two are incredible people.

This is going on FB. I tried simply to Share the article, but it didn't work; besides, I'd rather direct people here. :o)

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