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October 08, 2009


Oh My God, Steve and Alayne are indeed Angels in disguise. I have a horse rescue with almost 70 horses, but this is nothing compared to what both of you are doing. I applaud both of you. You have both already earned your halos and I know everyone of those horses, dogs, and cats love, adore, and are thankful for you. God Bless.
Cindy Bondowski

Good grief, trapped in a horse trailer with a horse going down and no way to stop it or get out. Steve is lucky to be in one piece. I'm so glad that Rosie's recovering, poor girl. There is nothing worse than colic.

Wow, what an amazing event to go through. Having to act so fast & know what to do in emergencies. You all truly amaze me daily.

I just cannot imagine how terrifying it is to see a big animal like a horse writhe in agony like that! I am in complete awe of the strength and determination you & Alayne have to handle these continuing crises. What Bo did is so amazing and wonderful, he is a Horse Hero. And both of you are Our inspiring Heroes. Prayers and lots of love are sent your way for Rosie. Thank you so much for getting her such quick help, and keeping yourselves safe in the process. Gods angels must truly ride on your shoulders. Get Well Soon, dear Rosie!

Thank God you came along when you did,someone was sure watching over Rosie and you two Steve and Alayne. You sure make a great team in all you do!

Kudos to Bo for sending an SOS.
Kudos to Steve and Alayne for their quick action and professional demeanor through it all.
And how in the world does Steve have the presence of mind to take pictures in the middle of surgery!? That's one blogging dude!
Sending healing thoughts your way.

Prayers for all, especially Rosie and her dear sweet Bo. You and Alayne are truly inspirational!

How do you two deal with all the stress!? Sending good thoughts Rosie's and your way.
Hopefully those of us that love (and marvel) at what you do can give the two of you a wonderful Christmas present--the grand prize in the shelter challange.
Keep positive thoughts.

I stopped breathing until I had finished reading this!! What a remarkable job you guys did in this crisis. My prayers and best wishes will be with Rosie as she deals with her colic and the postop period. Thanks to the whole "dyanamo team" for taking care of her!!

I'm glad and grateful for so many things about this emergency:

Bo helped alert you; you were outside to hear the clanging; it wasn't the middle of the night; Alayne was able to get Rosie up (I remember Alayne doing this before with Beauty. Must be a special gift!); y'all were able to get Rosie in the trailer; it's not February with closed roads; you have an escape door and got out of the trailer without injury; Rosie didn't injure herself thrashing about; you made it safely to town and, you have excellent Vet care who performed successful surgery. Now I'll focus on healing thoughts to Rosie.

Poor Bo. Won't he be happy when Rosie comes home??!!

You guys are wonderful! I know Rosie really appreciates you saving her.

Holy Moly you guys!! Never a dull moment at your place. You were so lucky to get out of the way when she went down in the trailer. Yikes.
I will keep my fingers crossed for Miss Rosie.
Best wishes. Ev

OMG! How scary. Your skills to get poor Rosie to help are truly heroic, once again. Prayers to you all. Hoping for only good things from here on out.

Quick thinking! Hoping Rosie heals fast and well. How is Bo doing with his girl MIA?

You guys need an on-site veterinary hospital! Think of all the driving it would save..seriously, glad you have the presence of mind to react to your animal emergencies the way you do. My best to you and all of your ailing critters.

My prayers for Rosie. I'm sure Bo misses her terribly. I sure hope everything goes well with her recovery!

What a scare! You and Alayne are an amazing team and we're so glad you and Rosie made it to see Dr. Erin in good tim!
We're sending Rosie full recovery wishes and comfort to Bo as I'm sure he's missing her.

Sending our best wishes, prayers & positive thoughts your way and an extra hug for Bo who must be so confused & missing Rosie.

Thinking of you both and the animals. These past two weeks have been so hectic and stressful. Take care

Oh dear-what a scary and emotional day! Poor sweet Rosie! And Bo must be beside himself. Sending tons and tons of hugs to beautiful Rosie and hoping she gets through the recovery two must be exhausted with worry!

How awful. Colic is a very tough deal in horses, especially if it requires surgery. The recovery can be as bad as or worse than the colic itself, if you can imagine that.

Rosie, hang tight, keep those stitches in!! awful for all of you...but especially poor Rosie. I can't begin to imagine the pain she must have been in. Bless the hospital staff for working so quickly. I just hope Rosie pulls through; I know she is in the best hands possible.

To handle the emergencies you two face is a skill that few possess. To handle them, then write lucidly about them is a skill that is several orders of magnitude more rare. Thanks again for all you do.

It's amazing that you & Alayne were able to get Rosie in the horse trailer! I'm sending Rosie all good thoughts in hope that she makes a great recovery with no complications along the way. Thank you so much for being there at the right time & getting her the help she so desperately needed.
Big hugs to all & esp. Bo who's probably still wondering what's going on,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

There's never a dull moment at RDR, is there?:-(

I'll be keeping Rosie in my thoughts and prayers.

Please keep us posted, Steve.

A big hug to you all from Italy.

Our prayers are with Rosie and all of you!

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