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October 20, 2009


Its nice to see Rosie up and getting stronger every day.I"m sure see will enjoy getting things back to normal, but she may miss her walk to pick up the mail. It is my goal to vote every day, it is the least us readers can do for YOU, ALAYNE and the animals that you care so deeply for.For that we give THANKS!

Thanks for the update. I bet she does enjoy the walk but is glad to get back to her stall.

I'm glad to hear of the update and that she is doing well!

Thanks for the update.

I hope my votes are working in the Shelter Challenge! Don't you usually get a notice of who is in the first few places and a notice saying that your vote has been counted?
I haven't been getting that in a few days :(
Thank goodness you are going to win the Shelter Challenge so you can use that money to pay for Rosie's surgery!

Off topic but for those of you who have a Kuranda pet bed (the cots that RDR uses), Kuranda is running a contest. Send in a photo of your pet on one of their beds and if your photo is voted best for that week, you get to name a favorite place to receive a donated bed! RDR can always use another Kuranda bed, right? More here:

I'm glad to see Rosie walking down the drive! What an amazing surgery she had...the pictures you posted were very impressonable. We hope she gets stronger every day! :)

Thank you Steve, for a blog I'm sure many followers were waiting to read; I know I was. Words filled with hopeful optimism and a dash of humor! "no horsey fooling around" ha!

Great job Rosie, keep on getting well girl!

Thanks for the update. Thanks for the pic of her (and you) strolling down the lane. She looks great. Well you too :)

I've had abdominal surgery and I know that I was weak and tired for at least a month or two afterward while I was recovering. It's major, major surgery and it takes time to get your energy and muscles back in shape. Muscles start to atrophy after 24 hours of lying around, so you can imagine what shape you're in after surgery and with weeks of limited exercise.

Good luck, Rosie, you're doing great!! The body needs sleep/rest to heal, so take full advantage of your naps.

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