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October 01, 2009


I love hearing about the horses. I'm so glad Rosie has Bo & Bo has Rosie.

Wow, little Teddy went thru so much for such a little guy. I, too, am glad you got some answers & can know you did all you could possibly do for him. He probably went untreated for so long no matter what you did his body had to have been ravaged. But, what a brave little soul he was to keep on with the good fight until he just couldn't anymore. And, blessings to you & Alayne for giving him all you had for his last days. I'm so glad his ashes will be scattered at RDR. What a sweet thing to do!

Oh... I have been wondering about the horses. Glad to see some horse stories. What about Margaret? Did she have a good summer? Is she still in love with Steve? I am here everyday voting in the challege. God bless you all.

Well Teddy died in the arms and care of people who cherished him and cared for him after a long hard life. He learned what love felt like. That is a big deal. And his ashes will be in that warm and safe place. Bless his sweet soul.

Yes indeed this is not unlike fatal embolic episodes that a human can suffer. Teddy was probably at high risk for this and you would never have known it would happen. The lengths that you go to with all of these precious animals is just outstanding. What compassion. Continue the good work in memory of Teddy and those that have gone on before him. God bless you.

I kind of suspected blood clots... I'm so sorry. I'm glad Teddy's ashes will come back to the place where he was so well loved...he deserves that.
It's good to see updates on the horses....I always enjoy them.

Hehe, bet you never knew you had secret giraffes on the ranch ;-), just like the time you mentioned the strongest muscle in a horse is the one from the eye...when you have to get so medicine inside!

Good to have the results for Teddy I hope, to know for sure there was nothing more you could do (after all the amazing work you did with him!).

(Can't you do a list of updates for us, people on the other end of the internet connection?
Roy, MARGARET :-), Cash, Nikki, Blanca I'm very curious about... just a suggestion!)

Thanks for the update on Teddy's necropsy. Sweet Teddy. It was such a perfect name for him.

Again, I am sorry and he will be
missed by all of us who read your
blog daily and hope for the best for these guys who never had it fair. The dice was tossed and he had a great 10 weeks and it was time - the good thing was - no one
had to make a decision - it was made and it was done and I am sure he has plenty of pals on the
Ridgefor pals. Bless both of you for what you do for these guys - words are just not enough! I'm pulling for RDR as No 1 in Dec : )

I'm happy you will get some closure. Teddy had a wonderful last few weeks!

It's nice to see some of your horses. I hope Hawk is doing okay; wasn't it he that had a potassium problem a few months ago? And what happened to Roy the mule? I saw a comment that he had died?? The very first blog post I read was Roy waiting for his friend Scout to come home from the Vet. I cried and cried after reading how he stood by the stall for two days. I never knew equine formed such strong friendships. I've learned so much from reading your blog.

I'm so glad you will have a place back at the ranch for little Teddy he has warmed so many hearts in a very special way.I love seeing the pictures of all of your animals and all the information that you give us. I bet all your critters are very much at home with you, just knowing that you love them and that they are your passion! You must go to bed at night with a very warm feeling.

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