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October 25, 2009


so amazing...This is very cool and my favourite colour. You have a nice thing going hereā€¦keep it up!

What a happy's all going to be better soon, handsome Gabe! Sending you a speedy recovery!

Poor Gabe ;( I just cannot believe everything he has had to go through. I thought the worst was beyond him; I had no idea he was suffering such horrible side effects from the radiation. Does this happen in humans too? You guys are taking such good care of him, you should be honorary vets at this point!

Looks like he's at a little doggie day spa. Glad he's finally starting to heal up, poor pup!

Oh Gabe, you are certainly a fighter. Sending you lots of love & I'll make that warm compressed love so it'll make you feel even better. Bless your heart!!!

The RDR Spa is now open. Treatments by appointment only. Testimony by Gabe.

Little Gabe. Your Mommy and Daddy are taking good care of you! You are one lucky, lucky dog!

Take heart, Gabe, Steve and Alayne. The skin irritation does get better! Been there... done that. Jenny's skin looked like alligator hide for a wide and flaked everywhere, but underneath was soft, normal skin.

This looks like a soothing spa treatment but the reason does not sound comfortable! Ouch...what a sweet trooper Gabe is!
We're sending him healing thoughts and are so glad the worst is behind him now. : )

If I didn't know better, I'd think Gabe was undergoing a facial at a luxury spa. On second thought, he IS at a luxury spa, being catered to by two wonderful, loving, empathetic humans who figured out what he needed to feel better. But you forgot the drink with the paper umbrella. Lucky dog! With such tender care, he'll be bouncing around in no time.

When I die, I want to come back as a critter at RDR Spa and Resort :)

Lucky boy to have such loving nurses. He looks like a happy pup in this picture.

Aw, bless his little heart. He's so very fortunate to be living with you two!
Thanks for posting about him. He's been in my thoughts, as has Helen.

What a trooper! You can still make out that bright Gabe smile and happy eyes under the cooling mask. Let's hope new facial fur is not too 'fur away.

Camouflage , My favorite color! I bought a 3 pack of camouflage duct tape once and haven't been able to find it since! My bleaf aussie Dave says Hi to Spinner and the rest.

Hang in there's got to be better than when you couldn't breath right before. You are such a happy boy and we have all fallen for your charms for sure.

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