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October 13, 2009


Oh, Goldie, you are darling.

Sorry, I had to giggle too but please don't tell Goldie. That face is priceless & the look is, ah, what in the world are you doing to me?

I promise I will not tell any jokes.

Yes, camouflage is the rage...who would have thunk it?

Looks like a camo clown collar!:-)Sweet girl!

I love the look on Goldie...let people talk, you know we all want something camo for our fall wardrobe!

What a priceless photo! Goldie looks so cute and hilarious at the same time!!!

What a cutie! But I think she would probably prefer pink. At least she hasn't treated it like any other stuffed object and ripped into it!

Oh Goldie you just look Adorable with a capital A!!

I really did try to hold my giggle in....sorry, didn't work. Tell Goldie it is much prettier than a e-collar!

And I thought this post was about your superb photo skills....when I first saw it I thought you were looking straight down at her from above as she was sitting on a camouflage cushion. It was not until I read the post did I notice that you could JUST see her behind peeking out at the top of the photo just above the camo cone. It's all in the perspective......

Yeah..please don't tell her I'm laughing too but she looks pretty in camouflage...we're voting every day! Got my fingers crossed for Madison - and hope Rosie comes home soon ..never a dull moment there? eh? Thanks again for all you do for these guys!!!!

too funny

Poor goldie looks like she's being sucked into a camouflage hole in the floor.

She looks like modern art. A dog flower?
Please don't tell her I'm laughing!

That photo made me laugh out loud! And yes, my boyfriend gets the Cabela catalog and you're right about all the camo items in it, from plates to shower curtains. One can only wonder if Janet Leigh would have survived if the Bates Motel had used camo shower curtains.
Sweet Goldie! I think we all need to chip in for a Comfy Cone for her.

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