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October 26, 2009


Wow, This is Great post and Awesome and fascinating work. This is so sweet picture. I like this type of home.

Yeah Sam!!! You sweet older lady!

So glad that Sam is back at home! She is so relieved to be home with her mom and dad and is able to sleep in her own comfy bed! Yayyyyyy!!!

This "young lady" is jumping for joy to be home!! WOO HOO!

As Dorothy Gale taught us all, there's no place like home !!

Isn't that a misty-eyed thought thinking about an animal feeling it's been abandoned, again. That's painful to imagine let alone feel it like the animal does! Don't you just wish there was a way to impart the concept of I-will-be-back to ease their fear or sadness? And they must feel it because you see the joy when they know they haven't been dumped. Wow.

What a wonderful picture and smiley dog! Thanks you two for all you do!!

I love it! Just to think how excited they must feel when they know for certain they have not been abandoned & the promise you made to them you kept shows in that one shot of Samantha & speaks volumes!!

Get well soon, sweet girl!!!

I bet Sam feels fantastic this morning; all safe and snuggled in at her home. Animals can cover up a lot of pain and concern but they can't hold back their joy...thank goodness!! Otherwise, we wouldn't have great pictures, like these!
Glad you're back home sweetheart.

I know she is thrilled to be back again....those "Hi, mom...I'm home" greetings are the best, aren't they?

"Wise man" indeed!;-)))

Welcome home, sweet Sam!

Isn't it great to see our furkids that happy?:-)

AWWWW - such a sweet picture. Home sweet home and home sweet Mom and Pop - I think I'll put myself a picture of Smilin' Sam on my desk too, like the poster above.

smilin', jumpin, drinkin' Sam! what a busy girl! welcome home Sam!

aaaah, to be home in your own bed with your own toys..and your 2-legged people. home is the best.

"As for her age, well, I'm not saying a thing."
Wise man.
I have a picture of Smilin' Sam on my desktop at work and it always makes me smile to see it! Do you still hear from her former mom (the trucker)?

Welcome home Sammy! Who could blame you for being so very happy to go back to the special place and special people that are RDR!!

I can sure understand her excitement. Yay! Just hope she doesn't jump out of her stitches. I'm certain she'll sleep more soundly & heal up fast back at the ranch!

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