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October 21, 2009


Oh yayayay!!!!!

We are all doing the happy beagle dance here! What a fantastic ending to an incredible story!

And don't celebrate too quickly Dachshund pack... there will be more beagles, oh yes there will be...

Simply beautiful win/win/win/win!
I'm sure it must have been especially hard to part with your little miracle boy. But Charlie definitely seems to complete the beautiful family picture with Julie, Richard & Hugo. I will forever remember his magical photo seeing himself in the mirror. And here I thought THAT was the happy ending. This definitely the icing on the cake! Congratulations all. Welcome to the DAWG pack, :)

Thanks to everyone who clarified the 1/2 beagle "situation." I just couldn't remember. ;-)

This is such great news.I sure hope that we will get to see updates on this new happy family.I'm sure you will be missed by all of us and at the RDR, but happy endings are the best!

Janet, I'm assuming they mean Widget, who is half beagle.

the 1/2 Beagle is Miss Widget=1/2 Beagle 1/2 Dachshund.. that is my guess..

Best wishes Charlie. You finally have the forever home that you deserve.

Great news for Charlie & for Hugo to get a wonderful new pal. No more worries for Charlie. Thank you Julie & Richard for opening your hearts & home to your wonderful new addition. Many thanks to RDR for providing such good care during his stay & most all to the vets who were able to restore his sight so he can really enjoy seeing his new home & family!!!!

Congratulations! What a happy ending! I hope to see lots of updates on Charlie - you should host an RDR reunion!

How exciting! If I'm lucky, maybe I could see him sometime in Olympia (we're not too far away)! Thanks to you and Charlie's new family for helping this little guy have a great new life!

That is truely wonderful. The very best way for an animal to leave the ranch. My only concern, being an avid Oregon duck fan. Charlie may become a Washington Husky backer, but thats ok he has a forever home now.


Well done.

I'm putting it up at Shelter-Tails.

How great can this be for Charlie. What a loving family he now has with someone to play with.

Great news only for Charlie! First he gets rescued by Steve & Alayne, then has his vision restored and gets adopted by Julie, Richard & Hugo!

Don't you just LOVE happy endings?;-)

Charlie -

i didn't think your cute face would be on the adoption list for long. welcome to the NW buddy - you will have lots to SEE! no more worries or trouble for you - lucky boy!

What a great looking family!!
Happy beagle trails to Charlie; we're glad you'll have Hugo as a play beagle too.
Julie and Richard, thank you for taking this sweet boy home. Please send Steve and Alayne updates on him. We're all one big weepy family when it comes to adoptions...but these weeps are great weeps of joy!

That's wonderful news! Charlie gets his eyesight back, a new family, and another little one out there somewhere now has a chance to come to Rolling Dog Ranch. Talk about a win/win situation!

Wow, I am so happy for Charlie. A new set of eyes and a new family (a brother doesn't hurt either!)I hope he'll have a great life on his new journey.

You go Charlie.....what a year you have had. Treat brother Hugo well as he is used to being an only dog for a while now. Have a WONDERFUL life as a seeing beagle in your new forever home!

Charlie, you dog!! Good job. Eyesight, a new home, a new mom and dad, and a brother. It just doesn't get any better.

Quick questions: Which is the 1/2 beagle? Is it like "2 1/2 Men?"

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