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October 27, 2009


congratulations on getting that going now. You and your brother must feel satisfied for getting this job done before the frost. Way to go.

Thank you for clearing up a mystery that has bothered me for years. Now I understand why my brothers disappear this time of year. It has been Put your relatives to work week. Who would of guessed.

How nice to have Mike helping. We're all screaming for a picture of him. : )

And we're all singing, coutesy of Jason Aldean:

"Dogs were all barkin' and a'waggin around, I just laughed and said y'all get in"

"Take you for a ride on my big green tractor; we can go slow or make it go faster, down through the woods, or out to the pasture, long as I'm with you, it really don't matter."

(Change green tractor to red, and I'm looking at your version). : )

"It's also National Put-Your-Relatives-To-Work Week."

You are so funny. You have the inside knowledge about the most obscure holidays, like "National Linoleum Appreciation Week."

That's such a neat picture. I can't imagine how much you've learned since you started in 2000. I'll bet it could fill a town library.

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