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October 19, 2009


Yay! Wonderful news! So happy for Widget & you guys!

Great news! Lots of hugs to all the fuzzy kids.

So glad to hear both Widget & Rosie are doing well. I'm sure it's a great relief! Phew!

I'm so happy to hear the good news on Widget. I'd also love to learn more about Rosie now that she's home. '...a bug on the wall of the stall.... [Lynn in LA] That's so cute!

Glad to read that Rosie is going home. I imagine she needs to take it easy.
Good news that Widget is in pretty good shape despite mitra valve regurgitation.
Best wishes, Evelyn

Way to go Widget!!! I can let my breathe go; I'm glad Widget got good results back from her doctors. She's such a sweetheart; a big star at the ranch! : *

Doesn't it feel great to get a good report?????

I'd love to hear about Bo's realization that Rosie was home........ Ah, to be a bug on the wall of the stall! LOL

Thank goodness her test results were all good!! Looking forward to see how Rosie is doing too.

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