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September 15, 2009


I was touched by your story. It gave me goose bumps! I love the picture of Charlie looking at the mirror. I am so glad that Charlie can see now. To Alayne and the vet who did the operation Congratulations and God bless you. You did a wonderful job :)

I loved your article it has great information. I think you and your readers might be interested in another article I found, about dogs and dry eyes.

One can only imagine what must be going through Charlie's mind.

I was told about you guys from a good friend in Kentucky. I make a meager contribution every month.
It gives me chill bumps to see stories like this. I vote for you guys every day. Keep it up. Wish I could do more.

I totally understand how you feel. I had a dog many years ago who had this surgery--when I picked her up that afternoon and took her for a walk, she was running down the street. The ophthalmologist in Seattle has a quote from the bible in his office: Let there be light.....
Seeing an animal who can properly process light again gives that quote a whole new meaning. Kudos to you guys for giving this little guy what he needed.

Yay for Charlie! The gifts you give these animals always amazes me! You are angels for these animals and truly great people!

Heart warming stuff. You guys deserve medals for the work you do

This is an amazing gift for Charlie. He seems like such a cool dog! Thank you for giving such care to a great animal that most people would think is a lost cause. I'm going to go vote for you now! :)

Dr. Yakely is wonderful. He takes care of my aging poodle, Sidney's eyes. His bedside manner and his calm demeanor just add to his skills as Spokane's favorite animal eye doc. Thank you Dr. for helping not-blind-anymore Charlie.

hi- such a miracle you have seen. my 8 yo min poodle i just got was age blind with a white film over corneas, then in 3 weeks of a natural patented product is now able to see. such joy. patricia and blackie.

You guys are awesome! We rescued a beagle mix (bobby) who was blind from cataracts. At first the specialist told us that he wouldn't get much vision back, but thank goodness, he was mistaken. There is nothing like watching a blind dog see again and I was privileged enough to be there when that happened. Bobby lives with my in-laws now and he is KING there.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for these guys.

A huge thank you to to all the medical staff, Doctors, & donors as well as you & Alayne for making it possible for Charlie to have the wonderful gift of sight.

The picture of him looking in the mirror I immediately thought, Charlie meet Charlie! I am so thrilled for him & for you all to be able to experience such joy when recently a few furry friends health issues have worried all of us.

I have goose bumps and tears! Bravo for Charlie, this is what makes it all woth it!! Blessing to you all.

yeah! How awesome! Congratulations, Charlie!!!!

oh Steve, you made me cry again! This is so great for Charlie!!!

Charlie what a great new world for you!!! I hope it was all you thought and more. Medical miracles do happen and you are very lucky!!!!! I hope now you can find a great home either at the ranch or with a family. Love, Cheryl

This is what it is all about, what a wonderful post. I am so happy for Charlie & for you & Alayne too, what a great feeling you must have watching Charlie being able to see. Thanks for making this happen for him.

What great news. Kisses and Belly rubs to Charlie!

I agree with Charlie's Self Diagnosis - What a handsome Beagel he is!!!

Such an amazing thing to do and thank you to everyone involved!!

How wonderful! This is so great to hear, thank you for sharing it, it brought tears (of gladness!). I'm so glad these guys have you and Alayne to help them enjoy their lives to the fullest! Thank you!

Lucky lucky Charlie. Don't you wonder what he is thinking? I do.

Charlie is unbelievably handsome. I can't even imagine what he is thinking, being able to see now. I love the picture of him looking at his handsome mug in the mirror!
This story warms my heart. Thank you for giving this happy pup his eyesight back!

Congratulations!!!! That is just wonderful news for you and Charlie, you made my day just reading about it!!

As I read your post and scrolled down to the photo of Charlie looking in the mirror, I experienced that "burst" into tears thing. Oh happy day !!

Good luck Gabe.

Charlie, you are truly one handsome beagle! This is amazing that Charlie has regained the gift of sight.....great news to start off my morning!

Goosebumps here, too, and all choked up with delight for Charlie, you and everyone that made this MIRACLE happen.

LOOKING at himself in the mirror... simply priceless. Just wait till he sees the poodle sisters! :)

These last few posts have been so wonderful and positive.
I appreciate you letting us know how much these surgeries cost. I've adopted a mini schnauzer in the early stages of cataracts and it helps to know what I'm facing. Thanks again for all you do for these little souls.

All I can say is WOW...... Best wishes to Charlie!


At a boy charlie. Now he can enjoy the sceneary as he rides home in the truck. Steve don't take it personnal if he becomes a right seat driver.

How absolutely wonderful!!! Just love the photo of Charlie looking at himself in the mirror. Wonder what he thinks of that cone? Did he think he was an alien? Ha!
Way to go, Charlie!!

~Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Your post brings tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for Charlie, you and Alayne. What a beautiful story.

We're so happy Charlie has his sight back...incredible!!

I love the photo of Charlie staring off at something that caught his eyes...caught his eyes, because now he can see!!

Thank you to everyone who played a part to make this happen.

How wonderful! Reading this post made my day start off right. Have fun Charlie!

I'm so happy for Charlie. I only wish I could do restore my own mare's sight! The pic of him staring into the mirror is priceless. Could you get him the inflatable collar instead of the cone? I find my dogs have a much easier time with it, and don't try nearly as hard to get it off.

What a medical miracle! I love the photo of Charlie checking himself out in the mirror! Thanks to all the medical staff, Doctors, & donors as well as you & Alayne for making sure that Charlie got this precious gift. Better than Christmas, huh Charlie?
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

That is such a wonderful story - but my favorite part is the mirror!! If that doesn't speak volumes about the whole thing, I don't know what does.

You are amazing and an inspiration. Keep up the great work!!

You know, stories like this deserve to be shared far and wide...I sure wish one of the news services would do stories on this miracle of science and dedication to a cause...the world needs more good news! Enjoy, sweet deserve it.

Oh, how wonderful. I absolutely love the picture of him looking at himself. Don't you wish you knew what he was thinking. What a handsome beagle boy he is!!!

Glorious news!!! You just made my day, Steve & Alayne.:-)

I'm so very happy for Charlie!

God bless you all.

Talk about "a whole new world"--we are thrilled for Charlie. Thank you Steve and Alayne for making this possible and all those who support RDR's important mission on saving disable animals. Thrilling is right!!!!

Started voting yesterday...

We are so lucky to have such a skilled and compassionate eye surgeon as Dr. Yakely, here in Spokane. And how incredibly wonderful that he worked his magic with Charlie, and restored his sight. Your love and dedication has given Charlie one of the dearest gifts bestowed man or animal: restoring the most important and life- affirming "sense" of them all: Vision. Thank You for his gift, and our joy at the outcome, Steve & Alayne!

My gosh, I never knew that was possible and what an amazing gift to be able to see again, I can't begin to imagine. At least the "cone dog" life won't last too long! Congratulations Charlie!

oh yeah. i now exactly how this feels! my dear frank the std. poodle developed cataracts in his youth of 8 years... and last year we had the same surgery done on him. it was AMAZING! he could SEE again! he was SO EXCITED being able to see squirrels and cats and other interesting dog things again. and no matter how you try to explain it with words- there is no way to do so. i almost cry right now thinking about how happy he was- and is to see again.
(that cone drove us both crazy!... poor thing- his ears got pretty stinky from all the drool caused by the pain killers. and navigating the food bowl was torture but he acts like a puppy again... happy bouncy and confident!)

BTW...that was almost the same price we paid for franks surgery here in houston. a bargain!

YAY RDR! YAY Charlie.

Congratulations, Charlie, and three big cheers for everyone who gave him the gift of sight!

That's great news Steve! Made my day. I'll also start voting today.
Michele Troxel

What a joy! The picture of Charlie looking at himself in the mirror is priceless and precious. Thank you, Steve and Alayne, for making this miracle happen.

What's going to happen with the Austin vs Charlie growling slapdown tournaments now? Does vision put Charlie in another division?

OOO - that brought tears to my eyes - what a wonderful gift to
give to anyone be it animal or human! I will vote everyday - twice and ssshhh don't tell! Thank
you for all you do for these guys.

Mo and the 5 Pugs : )

I'm in tears...there are no words for this kind of miracle, the gift of sight. God bless you, Alayne, his rescuer, the vet who tested his eyes, the vet who did the surgery, and of course, little Charlie himself. This is an incredible day.

Steve and Charlie, congratulations! That is an absolutely wonderful story!

And yes, he is a very handsome boy!

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