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September 27, 2009


Thank you for providing sweet Teddy with 10 weeks of love. You did everything possible to give him a good life and he was able to enjoy his last weeks with you. As hard as it is to lose these little fighters after all you had done for him, remember him with joy for the precious moments he shared with you. I am in tears too, he reminded me so much of my Granny girl..another scruffy little stray dog, half blind and deaf who we had for too short a time.

Please accept our condolences--whatever Teddy lacked in the time before his move to RDR, his excellent, although short, life at the Ranch surely made up for some of what he had suffered. To Steve--our blind boy Mojo is doing very well and has established himself in our home and our hearts. Teddy's attachment to you suggests that someone, sometime, in his past did care for him; he was fortunate to find his final home with people who loved him.

Steve and Alayne, I am so very sorry. You had the priviledge of giving Teddy 10 weeks of unconditional love and devotion.

They say when you die and go to heaven, all the dogs and cats you’ve ever had in your life come running to meet you. Teddy will be one of many. Bless his little scruffy heart. RIP sweet Teddy.

I am so sorry, Steve and Alayne. He was so darn adorable and he was a little fighter. He experienced love, warmth and a great lap in his short time with you. I know nothing we can say can help the hurt. I just know that this little guy experienced the good things with you both and that is so important -and he knew he was where he should be at last. He gave love back and that is what is so wonderful with our animals-they love unconditionally.
Blessings to you both.

I'm so sorry for your loss. But without you, he would have had a much sadder, harder end. With you, he was loved and cared for, filled with joy to have found what turned out to be his 'forever' home.

I'm crying with you.

I am so sorry to read of Teddy's passing. You two must be devastated. Your blog certainly was written with true heart wrenching emotion.
No two people, and no rescue group, could have been any more loving and caring than you.
Teddy was one lucky guy to have spent his last few months knowing that he was loved and cared for.
Hang in there.

I am so thankful for every moment Teddy had with you at the ranch.
Hugs and prayers for you with this terrible loss. Your online friends will miss you too.

I'm so incredibly sorry.

I too had fallen in love with Teddy from the first time I had read his story.....I am so saddened to hear of him passing, thank you for giving him a life without pain, if only for his short final weeks....I'm sure Teddy thanks you too....

Oh Teddy Teddy Teddy!!!

I am devastated to read of his passing!! The only consolation is he was so loved at the end.

RIP Teddy my sweet boy

How sad it is to hear of this news!For all that you do(Steve and Alayne)we are all thankful.There is a poem that is called "JUST A DOG" it really warms a persons heart,some of can get more compassion and trust from our furry friends, than we can from some humans. Rest in peace little Teddy we all know your last days were Great and you were loved unconditionally even if it was for a short period of time.Stars are shinning BRIGHT 'cause Teddy's looking down on all of us animal lovers.

How devastating. I, like all the other RDR fans, am stunned by Teddy's sudden death, especially since you've been keeping such a close eye on him.

Unfair is an understatement! This one made me cry. This one and Oscar.

I'm very curious to know the results of his autopsy. Maybe it will help the next time you see these strange symptoms whose disease doesn't show up on tests.

My condolences.

Teddy died happy because of Rolling Dog Ranch. Thank you, Steve and Alayne, for being so brave and strong.

I think you may have your "Most Touching Story" submission.

RIP Mr. Teddy; it was indeed my pleasure to have known you.

Another angel was needed in heaven and Teddy was definitely an angel!

Thank you for giving him a wonderful 10 weeks!

While I write this, I am crying with hurts to lose a beloved little friend. But my heart is grateful that he had so much love from both of you, and I know he was a happy little guy while he was at RDR. Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Oh, no. Such sad news. Rest in peace Teddy.

I was so shocked to read this! Teddy seemed to be doing so much better at the ranch with you...

It does seem unfair, both to Teddy and to you two who give so much of your hearts.

I suppose it was meant to be; his little body was just so beat up and worn out. I think that you were able to give him some much deserved quality time while he was with you. Surely he would have passed much sooner if he hadn't found his way to the ranch.

There is much comfort to be had in remembering how much he liked you and what a better quality of life he had at the end, even if it was for a short time.

Keep the memory of him in your lap. He was in a loving home and he knew it. Those lap visits were his way of thanking you...

Bless you both. My heart goes out to you tonight.

This is so sad. Poor little Teddy. He had been through so much before coming to RDR. YOU guys gave him a tremendous amount of love which he badly needed. He's a little fuzzy angel dog looking down on RDR from above and thanking you for his special time with people that truly cared and made a difference in his life.

Teddy was a feisty little gut who put up a good fight. He found a comfy lap and had two great months. He appriates the chance you gave him.

While I'm not entirely surprised considering his diabestes, I am stunned and so saddened by Teddy's death. It still comes as a great shock. I can't and don't want to believe it.

Teddy was a very special little creature, full of spunk with personality to spare.

Please, Steve and Alayne, give yourselves FULL CREDIT for giving Teddy the very very best days of his life. He loved you both dearly and you know it. Whether it's a day, a week, or a month, any time you can give a little sweet soul, like Teddy, extra good days, it's worth it. It is unfair that there couldn't be more of them, but it's worth it.

Teddy, I kiss your sweet face. RIP, sweetest boy.

Oh dang dang dang dang dang.

I am so sorry you guys. It's just another one of those cases where you know you did the absolute best that anyone could have.

Steve, so sorry for the loss of your minion.

Dear Alayne and Steve, I too am sitting here with tears in my eyes for Teddy. As you may remember this little guy grabbed my heart right away. I'vd always been a easy mark for scruffy little dogs,and he was no exception. Thank you both for giving this little guy the love he deserved to have all his life and finally found with you and the ranch. Once again I thank you for all you do for the wonderful animals at the Rolling Dog Ranch. I too miss him already. Diane Bowlin

Oh I'm so sorry for you. This is just tragic, too much like little Sammy. The one comfort I can find is that Teddy was finally able to experience the love and care that all pets should experience. Thank you so much for giving him your love.
Bless your hearts.

Losing Teddy brings tears to my eyes -- not only for him but for you and Alayne too. You provided him with so much love and attention for his final days. Thanks for all you do. God bless Teddy and both of you.

And it is so true-better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Go in peace, sweet Teddy.

Such a sweet little soul. I'm glad at least his last days were full of love. Lots of people will cry form him tonight.


WOW!!! This one really stinks! They all stink, but this one hits the heart a little harder than most. I've been going to work earlier than normal to cast extra votes for the contest as I know you guys have had so many vet bills, especially as of late. RIP, little guy, and know that you were not only loved by Steve and Alayne, but by EVERYONE who loves and supports the ranch and the tremendous work they do there. He might not have had the best life, but he sure had a GREAT 2 months at the end. I'm hoping he's frolicking with my other boy, Roy the mule from RDR, across the Bridge. Love, hugs, and tears from Cincinnati-Carolyn

My condolences to you, Steve and Alayne. As is always the case at Rolling Dog Ranch, when an animal leaves this world, he or she had known love.

Oh how awful! Sweet Teddy, we miss you, even though we never met you. At least your last few weeks were filled with love and dignity, which you so richly deserved. I wish desperately you would have had more time at RDR.

Steve and Alayne, I am so very sorry, and can't imagine how frustrated and saddened you must be. I hope you are comforted knowing that you did all you could, and brought great sunshine for at least a few weeks to a one of God's creature who had most likely not known any before. For that, I am sure he was thankful, and loved you back tenfold.

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