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September 27, 2009


Thank you for your loving heart and caring for this beautiful little guy. If only the world was filled with folks like you. Teddy did feel love the last days of his life thank you so much for giving that to him.

Teddy was lucky to have angels like you in his final days.

What a precious little soul. I'm so sorry you lost him. What a blessing that his last days were full of joy and that he was in the company of great love. Thank you for all you do!

I was so sad to read this post. Just to let you know I am clicking every day for the Rolling Dog ranch for you to win and continue the great work that you do. I also have my family doing the same.
God bless you both.

It is always sad when you lose one, such a cute guy. I am so glad Rolling Dog Ranch is here, you save so many and give them a second chance.

Abe Lincoln said to the effect that it is not the years in life that matter, but the life in the years. You gave Teddy that life in his short stay. God bless you for all you do and bless Teddy for what he shared with you and us.

Steve & Alayne,
I'm still crying about the loss of Teddy. Thank goodness there are people like you. I know it part of life but dog-gone you hate to see them go. Cdub won't read this story cause he's more emotional than me!

I'm so very sorry to hear about Teddy. I have a little Pomeranian that was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and has gone blind within 6 weeks of the diagnoses. I am very worried about our little guy and hope and pray that he will be with us for a long time.

Teddy was sent to be with you so that his last days could be lived with love and abundance. I firmly believe that there are powers that watch over the lost and the helpless, and they sent this little dog to be with you. You gave Teddy exactly what he was meant to have. If only all of us could be that lucky. Cherish his memory and try not to be sad. Bless you.

I'm very sorry about Teddy. You gave him good final weeks, and that counts for a lot. The only upshot is that he is no longer suffering. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

I just got back from vacation to find this sad news. I was pulling for Teddy, his little face was like morning sunshine, I am wiping away tears but am so thankful for you guys to show him more love than he ever knew before he went.

Thank God that Teddy had you for the short time he did. He was finally able to be loved and taken care of the way God would have wanted. What a wonderful but short life you gave him. He knew he was loved, how could he not. You both are amazing and wonderful people. God Bless little Teddy and you.

At least little Teddy felt wanted, loved, and nourished in his last days. I am very sorry for the loss of Teddy.

Steve and Alayne,

Through your blog we laugh with you, we worry with you and today we cry with you.

God Bless RDR, humans and furry friends alike.

Just back from a conference and catching up with Rolling Dog. There is little I can add to all that has been said -- except that I too am sorry Teddy's Golden Days didn't last longer. At least he died in your care and not on the street. God bless.

Steve and Alyane: It has taken me a few days to repond to Teddy's death. The first time I saw this little guy's picture, I fell in love with him. My heart broke when I read the news of his passing. I went home and hugged and loved on my pups. I thank you for providing Teddy a good life until the end. God Bless you and all creatures great and small.

I am so sorry to read this post. If not for you, Teddy would not have lived the last 10 weeks with unconditional love & the very best vet care possible. He knew he was dearly loved & adored by all the attention and affection that you & Alayne gave to him. I know that you've both worked so hard to get his meds right & he knew all the best was being done just for him. You gave him the absolute best of everything & know that you made his last days his finest.
With deepest sympathy & hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit
Thank you for ALL that you continue to do for all the animals in your care.

I am so sad to hear about Teddys loss, I am glad that at least his last few months were happily spent at the sanctuary being cared for and loved despite his hard life and the surgeries he had gone through. Teddy was very lucky to have people like you and Alayne. God bless people like you and Rest in peace Teddy.

I am so very very sorry about Teddy....I can't stop crying. At least you gave him a wonderful life at the end, even if it was much too short....thank you for that. What a little sweetheart.

Despite his rough life and especially the rough way he was treated in his last years- he spent the best two months of his life with you. He couldn't have wished for more and no one else could have fit him better. The world will be hard pressed to find better people than you two (Steve and Alayne). You inspire us to give more (in any way we can)- even if it is just to make a difference for a short amount of time. There is no price to what that is worth.
We'll miss you Teddy.

Steve and Alayne, I was out of town and just now saw the posting about little Teddy. My heart breaks for you. Seeing the large number of comments you've received, Teddy broke a lot of hearts.

He had a hard, difficult life and only just at the end, did he find the peace and love he always deserved. In your posting Steve, you commented how felt that was so unfair.

Teddy wasn't with you long. But, I've always believed that as your soul flies away on angel wings, you're surrounded by all the love people send your way. And in that sense, Teddy's spirit will never be lost or alone again. But instead, will always be enveloped in the love of so many people who were touched by his story.

Take care little one. We all miss you.

my tears this morning are bittersweet for dear Teddy. No one can change what he went threw, but it's important to remember his last days were filled with bliss. He passed with love in his heart and he left beautiful love to treasure.

I am so so sad. I was looking forward to the adventures of Teddy. I know his last days were happy ones with you, Steve and Alayne. I only wish there had been more of them. I know he is at the bridge, though, happy and healthy. Love you Teddy!

We all know that dogs live in the here and now. Teddy lived that way and loved that way. Your unselfish love of such a little guy who was left for dead gave him weeks and weeks of quality love. Your story of his demanding his dinner brought that home to me. He definitely had happy days.

Teddy loved his life at the ranch and I hope that brings some peace to you both with this sudden, sudden loss. Very, very traumatic! We are heartbroken for you two.

Dear Steve and Alayne,

The god of dogs was watching out for Teddy and brought him home to you two. It just doesn't get any better than that-he had the absolute best! And then, through the stories and photos that you shared, we all fell in love him too. What a magical little dog... Weren't we all so lucky and blessed to have been touched by him?

There aren't words enough to thank you both for the love, care and kindness that you give.

Colleen and Wes Vermillion

I am so sorry to hear about Teddy. I am sure that in some way he knew he was finally home and safe with you. You are wonderful people to taks such good care of the little ones. God Bless you.

I was just getting ready to vote in the shelter challenge when I saw the news about Teddy. Your loving care of these little (and big) darlings make me wish I could vote a hundred times a day. He is at peace now and I'm sure he knew his last love was with the two of you. Y'all are incredible.

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your little Teddy. Thank you for all of the love and care you gave to him.

(((HUGS))) to you both at this sad time.

I'm so sorry. He was such a cute little dog and I always enjoyed reading about him. I'd hoped he would have a longer time to enjoy his new life. In the end it wasn't a bad way to go -- he was happy and loved during his last weeks.

I'm so very sorry. Teddy had found a place in my heart from the beginning. His last 10 weeks were the happiest of his life. Thank you both for all you do.

Your loss is our loss. We have been praying all along. I'm sure he is happy over the bridge playing with all of our friends and waiting for us. Godspeed Teddy.

I am so sorry for your loss,what a brave little man he was.I'm so glad that he had someone to love him and cherish him in his final weeks.I just can't stop crying,what wonderful people you are,god bless you.

Thank you for being there. Poor little guy has to suffer no more. Love to you and your pets.

I'm so very sorry to hear about Teddy. I'm so thankful though that he got to experience love and happiness and a warm lap with you guys before his end. Thank you for giving him so much.

I am so sorry. I can hardly type I'm crying so hard for him & for you & Alayne. I fell in love with Teddy the minute I saw his sweet face. It was not fair at all. Bless his sweet angel heart & now he doesn't have to fight anymore while he waits for your lap at Rainbow Bridge. God bless you for what you do! He had a few weeks of bliss being with you all!! were so very loved in the end. What a great way to transition to the land beyond the rainbow bridge. May you truly rest in peace my little one. The photo of you in today's post said it all about your final look so handsome and you look like you belong to someone who loved you much.

I am so sorry, Teddy will surely be missed.

How heartbreaking, I was really pulling for this little guy. At least he got to experience a nice warm lap in his last days. Thank you for doing all that you do for these animals.

What a terrible loss...that you could share his last brave moments with us while you are greiving tells of how wonderful you are. Please know that we have all been captured by his beautiful spirit. I hope the tears many of us spill for you can lighten your burden a little.
He's always in your lap now...

I am truly very sorry for little Teddy. I so connected with him from the beginning and prayed for him. He received love from you guys & that's what go him through everything at the end. You should be proud of yourselves for giving him something he never knew. God Bless You Teddy. I've been crying all day every time I think about that little guy. He was a fighter, for sure. Thank you for what you do for all these animals. You are both one of a kind - Angels here on Earth!
Annette from Colorado

We shed more than a few tears in San Francisco today for little Teddy. What a big heart full of love in that little body.

His little heart will forever be blessed for having had his time with you.........I am so sorry

He had the best 10 weeks of his life you you folks!

My heart goes out to you...I never got to meet Teddy, but after following his progress in the daily posts, I felt like he was one of my own. I think one of the comments said it best...sometimes you give these animals a happy, safe place to live, and sometimes you give them a peaceful, safe place to die. And both are so important. I feel comfort knowing that he was in a safe, happy place he loved, surrounded by people who loved him very much. I am so sorry for you. I'm going to miss little Teddy...what a fighter! And thank you so much for what you guys do!!!!

I am heartbroken. Thank you Steve and Alayne for giving this little guy a happy and loving life. He knew total love for his final months on this earth.

I am very sorry for your loss of Teddy's, take comfort knowing that you both did everything possible to make his life full of love, comfort and security in his final days. He was one cute little fella. Bless you both.

Steve and Alayne: I am sooooo sorry to hear about the loss of Teddy. You two gave him health care, compassion and love to the very end. He was blessed to spend his last days with you both at the ranch.

My heart goes out to both of you. I am so sorry for your loss.

Sometimes you give these disabled, neglected and abused animals a safe, loving place to live. And sometimes you give them a safe, loving place to die.
One is just as important as the other.

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