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September 16, 2009


Everyone here who met Charlie and rooted for him sends big applause, tears of joy and hugs to you guys and Charlie. He was without a doubt our most expensive beagle but this outcome makes it all worth it and then some. Huzzah!!!!

I am SO glad you were able to capture this special beyond words moment. It is so truly priceless.
I believe in miracles. THANK YOU>

So great. A magic moment. Thanks for sharing.

Charlie looks great! Glad to hear/see that he is getting around well and SEEING the world he has in front of him.

Dawn at the Animal Eye Clinic

That is one HAPPY Beagle, wow! I love the look of adoration on his face as he gazes up at Alayne! This is truly a miracle.

Wow, what a precious face!! Just melts my heart to see him "see" his world and the humans who love and care for him!!! You guys rock!!

This makes me so happy, thank you for sharing this wonderful "awakening" with us.

Seeing him see...wooohoooooo!!

Hello Handsome Charlie! One can only imagine the wonders that Charlie "gets to see" each day! he experienced the love and compassion from you, Alayne, and the rest of his buddies, but to now see everything, AMAZING! Tears again...........
RDR is #2!!!!!!!

First you restore Gabe's sense of smell and taste and now Charlie's sense of sight. Mircles on the Ranch. Now how's that for a book title!!??
Congratulations to everyone involved. I'm grateful to share in this experience thru reading your blog and feeling all the joy and happiness your words and photos exude.


Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

AWWWWW, what a beautiful lady he gets to see - and now he knows what love looks like too - great going with this little happy boy!! RDR rocks (and I voted).

I just voted and currently Rolling Dog Ranch is #2 overall !!! KEEP VOTING!!!

What a heart warming post!

ADORE the last photo of Charlie; you can really feel his enthusiasm coming through his photos. What a happy time for him!

Great news I hope he has a longlife on the ranch

I love the picture of Charlie looking at Alayne!! Sniff, sniff. Hand me a tissue please.

That face!!! You made me cry with happiness this morning...I have no words... I am just absolutely moved to tears. Bless you all.

Just beautiful! I have tears in my eyes! I love the mirror picture and Charlie looking up . . . Oh, I love all of them!
Charlie, I'm so happy for you! And RDR is in 2nd place, too! Yahoo!! Can you tell I'm excited!

Hooray for Charlie! brings a tear to my eye. So many miracles take place because of Rolling Dog Ranch!

Oh, those pictures are so lovely. I can hear the joy in your written words the last 2 posts.

That beautiful happy picture w/ his sparkling, sighted eyes makes me cry!

These are the things that makes a person's heart swell.

Charlie it is so good to SEE you!

You have made possible one of those small miracles that makes life worth living for all of us. Charlie's upward gaze warms my heart.

Charlie is saying "Hi peeps! I can see you now!"

Again more tears ..that is so wonderful for Charlie to see again! Having had/have blind dogs
this is such a wonderful gift and
experience...bless you guys! Im
voting like crazy : )

Mo and the pugs!

Charlie looks great! Congratulations on finally being able to see! It must be a whole new world for him. I wish you all the best!
By the way?
How's our little wobbly Allie doing?
Us folks in Sault Ste. Marie sure do miss her!

Charlie is a doll. Think of the miracle of having your sight back. RDR just opened up a whole new world for this little guy. Aw, pass the kleenex.

Just caught up on these last two posts. What great news! Your joy comes through so strong that I laugh with joy, myself. Seeing Charlie go up to the mirror to look at himself is just priceless!

That just makes me want to cry with joy!

How incredibly heart warming. You folks are awesome. Of course Charlie is too

Well, hi there Charlie. Isn't it fascinating to see him taking in the world around him. What a smile he has. Yes, he is a handsome boy.

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