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September 20, 2009


This is really interesting. The caring for the dog is very well. You'll be fine Gabe. Thank you for helping him.

I can ditto what Kathy said, Gabe had my heart from the first photo I saw of him, too! I'm so glad that they're taking the time to send photo updates on his progress & treatments so that we can all keep track of how he's doing. Sending you huge healing hugs, Gabe!
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Gabe, We are praying for you buddy. For Katherine to take time to send pictures & such a wonderful explanation of each one is fantastic & it shows WSU cares greatly. It's amazing how much they will do to ensure he is safe & comfortable during his treatments.

God Bless! Thank you Katherine & all the ppl involved at WSU in Gabe's care.

What a sweet boy - he looks so trusting in the first photo. I'm glad to know he's in such good hands.

The other person in the first picture is Dr. Chelsea Tripp. She's been our doctor for the past 2 years. She treated our 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab for lymphoma. We now see her every three months for checkups. Baylee is now 4 and doing well. You are in good hands with Dr. Tripp!

Hey guys, The Seattle contingent is voting everyday from both computers. We have a whole email chain working towards that $20,000 prize!


Good boy Gabe!

Thank you Katherine for taking the time to send Steve and Alayne this update so they can then educate us!

On a different topic, if I may. The fall newsletter arrived Saturday and I really enjoyed it. What a great idea to feature some of the animals that were first to come to the ranch. I hope we can learn a bit more about Patti in future blogs. She seems like such a sweet girl.

We are sending you love, light and healing energy Gabe! And picturing you back home enjoying the wonderful smells of Fall in Montana and appreciating each day as you always have done.

We love you Gabe!

The level of care Gabe is getting is impressive. I continue to hold healing thoughts of Gabe.

Wow....18 treatments? Everyone is hoping and praying that this does the trick and that sweet Gabe is home soon.

Amazing what can be done, for both animals & humans! Thanks for making Gabe's life much more bareable. So wonderful he can smell & taste what he eats. It will be a happy day when he returns home to you. I enjoy seeing pictures of all the animals but there is just something about Gabe, when I first saw his picture I was just drawn to him. I am pulling for you handsome!
Yay, still #2!!

Wow, how interesting to see how Gabe's treatment is done. Thank you, Katherine, for the detailed descriptions. Reading RDR's blog is like going to veterinary school...without the homework. I always learn a lot from you all.

Hugs to Gabe. Glad Katherine has been with him through both ordeals. That must reassure him to have a familiar person around.

Love little Gabe. He's a trouper. I'm crossing my fingers for ya, buddy!

I know this is his journey to wellness but a bit sad to see him get his treatment. Yes, Gabe is a very, very sweet boy! Thank you for helping him live out a healthy life and one with love.

Hang in there, Gabe. You'll be home, again, soon.

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