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September 28, 2009


I only just saw the news about Teddy. I am so very sorry that you had such a short time with him, but I know he had the best time of his life with you. We lost our Grumpy Old Man a couple of months ago, and I can tell you - 2 months or 15 years - it's always too short.

He finally found the freedom and happiness to relax enough to sleep soundly (and demand his food and a lap!), and in the end trusted you enough to let go.

Thank you to all who helped to make Teddy's last weeks pain-free and happy. You two wonderful people teach me so much about life and love - please be kind to yourselves, and take care of yourselves.

Walk tall, Little Man, you put up a good fight - it was an honour knowing your sweet face.

Ah, funny Widget loving the morning run w/ a hop, skip & a jump. And, of course, Sweet Callie. Those 2 always brings a smile to my face along w/ the rest of the crew!

I cried & prayed so hard for all of you at RDR. Steve, I knew you were going to have that empty feeling & I prayed for your strength. Oh, how I admire you & Alayne for your strength, courage & selflessness to do the wonderful, awesome work that you do. But, they say if it's something you truly love & enjoy then it's not work at all.

God bless!

Thanks Widget for your love of life!

Eric - I feel EXACTLY the same way! The not being able to post to Steve and Alayne crossing the rainbow bridge..... thanks Steve and Alayne!

Wow, #1! YAY! What a fitting tribute to little Teddy. Its only the silver lining of the sad cloud of his passing, I know, but its something anyway.

Let's all keep voting in Teddy's memory for RDR in the Shelter Contest!

Hey! Just voted...#1!!!!!
Woo hoo! Your little Teddy is watching from your office, I hope...forever...putting you at #1. xo

Widget & Callie always bring out the SMILES :>)
RDR #1

1)Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary Ovando, MT 59854

Teddy is most definately smiling!!!!

It was so sad to read yesterday's entry about Teddy, the picture of him represents everything about what a sweet soul he was.
On the bright side, I just voted on the Animal Rescue Site and RDR is #1 !!! I can't think of a better tribute to Teddy and everyone at RDR.

Always nice to see what Widget is up too, but I agree with a previous post, we need to see what Margaret has been up to too. Yay, #1, wow wow wow, how exciting! Keep votin everyone!

We're #1!!!!! We're #1!!!!! KEEP VOTING!!!!!!!!

Big smiles when I voted today and saw RDR at the top of the list where it should be!
I second the request for Margaret the goat and love the frolicking paws pictures above.

Dear Steve & Alayne
I tried to comment yesterday. I really did ,but I just couldn't. Teddy touched hearts without even trying. The only thing I can think of is when (and lets hope it is not for many,many years) you guys cross over the rainbow bridge and see all of your old friends. You will be mauled big time.

Congrats on RDR being #1!!!

Everyone who reads - Lets keep it that way!!! Steve and Alayne deserve it so much!

Widget always saves the day. Please keep that beautiful photo of Teddy on your blog he was such a cutie

I know that empty feeling, Steve. We will all smile again some day...right now, I am still reeling from Teddy's passing...he was so much like my sweet little deformed yorkie rescue who died in my arms suddenly...we are never prepared...and yet we continue to do our best. Blessings to you and Alayne for all you do.

Just voted... RDR is #1!!!!!

Let's keep it that way, y'all!

And I'm sure I'll be going in to work again today EARLY as I have things I need to do(VOTE!).

A Margaret post would be much needed at this time of mourning for all of us! BTW, after shedding countless tears over dear Teddy, I went to work early again yesterday to cast extra votes and today I noticed that we are in first place!!! I know that you'd rather have Teddy back than win any contest, but hopefully that softens the pain a bit.
Love from Cinci(go Bengals)-Carolyn

By the way, the comment is not from Evelyn in the pic. I am not nearly as cute :-) Evelyn in Tacoma

Thanks for the fun pics. It is good to see that life does go on, even when there is a big loss in a family. Obviously your animal crew can still give you something to laugh and smile about, despite the loss of little Teddy. Surely he would want it that way. Take care and enjoy those sweet charges of yours. You both are awesome. Evelyn

Always good to hear from or about Widget. I was thinking that after yesterday's trauma, perhaps you need to go and hug a goat. How about a Margaret the goat post?

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