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September 17, 2009


I'm voting every day & remind friends & family to vote too.

If it's within the rules you should twitter it a few times a week w/ a link to your site & a link to the voting site.

You can count on my vote and then some as I move from one computer to another!!!

I vote everyday also. Keep the love going.

After a scary month and several thousand dollars, one of my cats is again healthy and happy. What this means, however is that I have yet been unable to make a donation to this wonderful sanctuary-though I read daily about the triumphs and tragedies. I am proud to say that I voted DAILY during the last contest and will do so for this one as well! I am happy that my clicks can help in a small way...licks and snuggles to you all, Libby

and don't forget to tell your friends and family about the contest and RDR!!!

Did y'all see the new category "Most Touching Story" ??? I didn't read the details yet but RDR must have a story or two to submit. (I seem to recall reading something about a blind dog that can now see, or something like that!)

Yep - You can count on me too!

You have my vote!
Best of luck!

I don't miss voting!! If we have anything to do with it, you wonderful people will take top prize this time!!!
(And you are couldn't possibly top Charlie's, Teddy's or Gabes good news!)

Just voted for today, and wow!! I sure would like to see you win the Grand Prize!

We have to get every body to vote everyday! Imagine how many Charlie's, Gabe's and Teddy's could benefit from $20,000.00--if you can't donate $$$ to the RDR this is one way you can by clicking daily! You can count on me!!!

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