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September 01, 2009


Dear Cecilia. You get a wide heart. This story is again showing: "Never give up your pet!"
Hold on, even it's coming hard. Hold on, even everybody tells you're a fool. Love, faith and thankfullness is coming back to you. This is the greatest gift that you can get in this world - from an animal, not a human.

What a beauty. Way to go RDR. Way to go Cecilia. He is beautiful and obviously very loved. He is a lucky horse.

What a wonderful story & it truly warmed my heart. Thank goodness Cecilia found you & decided to go against the advice she had been given. I know from her letter she loves her sweet boy. He is so beautiful muddy or not!!!

Well, that just warmed the cockles of my heart, what a wonderful update! You literally saved that animal's life, how's that for the awesomeness of the net? Bless you for being there for them. And, come on, Blind Swedish Pony, what a great band name! :-)

Hooray! Blind ponies rule! (from the proud mom of one herself)

So glad she took your great advice AND example and gave this guy a chance!

What a "melt your heart" story--one that shows love and compassion! Thanks for sharing it, Cecilia!

What a wonderful outcome. I'm so glad that Cecilia took a chance and reached out for help. In return she got many more years with her beloved companion. When I think of the information overload from all this new technology, I also have to remember that stories like this would not be possible if that technology didn't exist. On another note, here's hoping that all the recovering doggies are feeling well today. Hang in there.

Thank you for sharing about your beloved Pony. The one thing that really stuck me was the TRUST that you have earned and he has put in you to be his eyes so he can run even for just a little bit. He is a horse that is a complete horse in your care.
Steve & Alayne I have said it before what you have dedicated your lives too crosses borders and Oceans. The simple "Yes" things can be done has saved animals lives in my opinion.

Hooray! Hopefully the Swedish vets will learn from this and not be so quick to put them to sleep in other cases.

Thank you, Cecilia, for hanging in there and loving your horse. Best wishes to you both!

Lovely story - shows so much love, courage and hard work - the little pony is so fortunate to have all of you - and vice versa!

Wow. This has got to levitate your day! True global reach of open, caring hearts. Has got to help you through those tough times, :) Thanks for sharing, and the conviction to do the right thing Cecilia. We'll say it again & again, and you know this... Steve & Alayne are SO awesome.

Thank you Cecilia for being such a caring owner and giving your pony a chance. He's just beautiful and so is your love for him. Totally enjoyed the story. Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

How wonderful that Cecilia took the time to contact you with an update. I could feel her gratitude while reading her words.

What a fabulous heartwarming story. Bless you Cecilia, and of course Steve and Alayne for giving her the encouragement she needed.

Thanks for posting this story! I think it's great that you are an inspiration to people even in Sweden. As always, an animal's ability to adapt is incredible and I'm so glad this little pony (and all the RDR kids) get the chance to live on happy lives!

What a wonderful story...Sweden sounds lovely, hope I can visit someday. Thank you for sharing this story and the wonderful outcome!!!

Beautiful horse, beautiful Sweden, Beautiful LIFE!

It's all about education and an open heart. Steve, Alayne and Cecelia have both. Great teamwork and the reward is seeing this happy pony enjoying his life.


Wow, he looks fantastic for his age! Good for Cecilia for being stubborn! I muddled through my mare's transition to blindness with no help other than understanding vets. I have since found you guys and the blind horse group on yahoo, anyone with a blindie is welcome to join us there, we are all happy to help each other. Blind horses can do anything sighted ones do!

Awesome story - I have been to Sweden many times, the climate there is almost the same as in Alberta where I live - and they love their animals! I know people don't put this beautiful country in their sights when they travel to Europe - it is a fantastic country to visit.

What a heart warming story from Sweden! It's very fortunate that Cecilia found the great info that you have about Blind Horses & didn't listen to her Vet to put this beautiful creature down. It's amazing that he still takes her for rides! What a great tribute to you & Alayne for all the work you do to educate people that Blind Horses can have a great life! Thanks so much for your post, Cecilia! Please give your beautiful horse a big hug from us!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What an inspiration you have become...did you ever imagine you would touch lives so far away? Congratulations on educating those who are willing to listen0 and learn. Bravo!

Three cheers for Cecilia and her pony!!

What a wonderful update! Isn't it great that you were able to help save a blind pony's life in Sweden from Montana?

Steve: do you have any recent news about that blind horse here in Italy?

I am typing this comment through tears- happy tears! What a beautiful story and what a wonderful person to have given this horse a chance. Thank you so much for sharing.

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL AND BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE!! Praise you and Alayne for the work that far reaches outside of Ovando, Montana

What a fantastic story!! So touching! :)

What a beautiful pony! He looks so well cared-for. It's so nice to see any animal in that kind of situation, especially one that was almost given up for lost.

That has to make you feel so good! Your reach is worldwide and now people in Sweden can see for themselves that a blind horse can have a quality life.
You and Alayne are teachers and healers. Talk about some great karmic brownie points!

Work has been particularly stressful today. I decided to take a break and check the RDR blog. Even though I'm not a horse person this story really touched me.
I can always count on this blog to put some perspective on my day (and my life).

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