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September 29, 2009


Baily and Dexter and Daisy are my favorites. Is Baily okay?!

Awww, he's using the "sad eyes" on you. Dachshunds are so good at that. Glad he's feeling better today.

Oh, not Bailey - I hope he feels much better soon. His little face is just so sweet, and I'm sure you miss each other very much!

Is Bailey unable to urinate on his own? I didn't know a dog's bladder could be expressed.

Hang in there little Bailey!!! Such a sweet little face and he looks alert yet.

Like last year, any teachers out there who can get there kids to vote at school? I am retired so I am out of the loop but I did sub and get a couple classes to the computer lab. And my husband passed the word to his classes-my students last year. The day after my students started voting we bumped up to third place so it works!!!

Even in his illness, Bailey looks so bright and alert - he has beautiful eyes. Lots of hugs and pats for him as he undergoes his treatment. Feel better soon little Bailey. XXOO

You deserve it!!!!!!
Bless you both!!!!!!
Nancy and Buddy in NJ

Feeling well or not, he is TERRIBLY cute!! The look on his face just says it all, doesn't it??

Here's hoping Bailey is feeling much better today!

You just want to do everything and anything for him...and YOU are and we all know Bailey's in loving, capable hands.
We hope his blanket comforted him overnight and he's feeling much better today.
Get well soon Bailey! XOXO

Please after Teddy say a prayer for the little guy!

Little Bailey is in my prayers.

As one blogger said: "You've been number #1 for most of us for years." We will wait on pins and needles to hear the next report on Bailey. Love those eyes!

Sorry to read that one of your little guys is sick again. Such worry for you. Poor little guy.
Hopefully the antibiotics do the trick.

Thinking good thoughts for sweet little Bailey. Get better soon, little one!

I hope Bailey is going to be okay.....that face! Vote everyday for you!!

You've been #1 in many hearts for a long time. Now let's keep RDR #1 for the grand prize. You deserve it!!!

Hope little Bailey is better soon. And I'm sorry about Teddy. He was a bright little light. You packed more than enough love for a lifetime into his short life with you.

Steve and Alayne, you both seem to have a bottomless well of devotion. Another reason why you deserve grand prize.

Poor Bailey,those eyes tell the story! Prayers you are feeling lot's better soon. Big Hugs!

Happy Dance **RDR #1**

Thought's and Prayer's to You and Alayne.
My mind constantly drifts to Teddy, and that adorable picture you posted, such a precious little guy who stole a big piece of my heart.

I honestly don't know how you & Alayne hold up during these sad & worrisome times lately. I am praying very hard for Bailey that all will go well. That last pic of Bailey breaks my heart! I am praying for strength, peace & calm for you & Alayne. I said this on the last post but it bears repeating. You all do such wonderful awesome work & are so selfless, loving, & caring. But, as they say, if you are doing something you love than it's not work at all.

God Bless you all at RDR, stay strong & look to your furry friends for comfort & strength. I'm sure they will gladly provide you a laugh & a smile!

So excited to see RDR #1 in the contest, let's all keep it that way! It is a wonderful tribute to all the friends that are waiting at Rainbow Bridge & to all enjoying Heaven on Earth at RDR!

I have to admit, I really like the buffer of Best Friends and the third place group. Looks like another early report to work tomorrow and the next day and the next. Sure hope Bailey's doing better by now! Hugs, Carolyn P.S. I REALLY miss Teddy and I never even knew him-just through you guys!

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