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September 21, 2009


We didn't get quite as cold as that here in Colorado... BUT we did get a few inches of snow! Yikes. We went right from summer to winter & skipped fall, I guess.

I am so thrilled for the little guy. Now his eyes can coordinate with his beagle nose. He must be in heaven. Again, you'll are awesome!

Looks like we beat you on the snow this year, about an inch at NinjaPonyRanch and Dream Valley!
Looks like winter cane before fall this time. Way to go Charlie! In only 72. hours...... you guys have the patience of saints. Thanks for getting Charlie excited about life.

Frost already???? Amazing...we are still waiting to drop below the mid-70's at night....*sigh*...I do envy your morning view of the fog through the trees. Such a serene setting...until the barking starts, of course!

"In case you don't know, Beagles are binary. On or off. That's it."

That's too funny and explains my beagle/schnauzer's ability to fall asleep instantly. I envy your cold weather. Here in South Carolina we are expecting 88 muggy degrees today.

They started putting "the shelter you voted for last time" right below the search--very handy!

Or.... have I just never noticed that option before?

Beagles are Binary - ROTFL!!!!

I still can't find my beagle's off switch -- 8 years later!! I'm so happy for Charlie!

Wow! I can't believe it's so cold there already! I have been shivering cause we are down in the 40's & 50's at night here in Belfair area! Loved the "Charlie-the-Conehead" comment -- he's such a cutie! How exciting for him to have a new world to explore. Blessings to all of you!

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