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August 24, 2009


The breathing problem you describe Teddy going through, pointing his snout up and breathing heavily, sounds like what my little dog went through, particularly if Teddy also sounds something like a goose. My dog was a Papillon/Japanese Chin that I got from Papillon rescue, who had been dragged around by his collar by children so much it damaged his trachea, which would collapse at random times, especially during exercise. There's not a lot you can do for it, outside of surgery to repair the rings and keep them upright, but it might be what's going on with him there. My vet did used to be able to trigger it by pressing right above his collarbone.

We hope you had success today on your dental work. We love you, hang in there, better days are ahead for you little one. May you have a great weekend full of good soft food, maybe some chicken and rice?????

Teddy is in my prayers. He is such a cutie. I just go on the website tonight and went to the blog section and didn't get the usual where you could just scroll down and read everything. I liked the old one best. Sorry!

Hang in there little man and you are in very, very good hands!

Oh Teddy!! You poor old thing, you really are going through the wringer at the moment.

Lots of love and healing thoughts heading your way from a crazy cat lady and her cats in NZ

Thank you for taking such great care of little Teddy. I just have to think about what life was like for this little guy before he got to the ranch and what would have happened to him by now hadn't he made it to this Miracle. It makes times like these speed bumps of life and we just need to keep sending our love & healing thoughts to Teddy. Lets face it the out come of this has already been decided and we don't have control of it,no one does, we can just love him for now and always!!!!!


I've made a special request to my pal St. Francis on behalf of our little friend Teddy ~~~~

Sweet Teddy...Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes from Indiana! Hang in there Teddy!

I'm so grateful that you & Alayne are there to monitor Teddy, as well as all the other animals in your care.
We know that Teddy has his challenges, but trust that with the help of the great medical staff, he will be overcoming them.
Thank you so much for getting him all the help that he needs.
Great big hugs & gratitude,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Blessings for your eagle eye and rapid response and best wishes for an equally rapid recovery for Teddy.

Again my prayers are with little Teddy and the great team observing him. I hope he will settle soon! - keep us posted.

Poor little Teddy! That little guy has far more than his share of challenges. I'm so glad he at least has a loving home with people who will really care for him.

Saying prayers little Teddy will be alright. He deserves a shot at having whatever is left of his life be the best it can be. Thank God he ended up at The Rolling Dog Ranch. You guys are the best!

Once again, your fast action provided relief!
What a good boy Teddy is!
We're really pulling for him to stay well so he can enjoy his new home every single day.

Be strong Teddy - we love you and need for you to get better!!!

Lots of prayers go out to that beautiful little face

Poor Teddy. Give him a big kiss for me. He'll be in my thoughts.

Poor little guy....I know how it feels to gasp for air. Here's wishing for a simple (simple? Teddy?) explanation and medical "fix"....I have really lost my heart to this fella, I have.

Poor little Teddy, his life resembles a roller-coaster ride!:-(

Please keep us posted, dear Steve. In the meantime, Teddy's going to be in many people's thoughts and prayers, as usual.

Poor little guy! Hang in there.

i will be thinking happy thoughts for teddy's quick recovery!

Bless his sweet little heart. I'm thankful that he has RDR and all you great folks to give him all the care, medical attention & above all love to help him in this

God bless you guys and the vet health care folks. You are amazing. This little guy sure came with his share of problems. What an emotional roller coaster ride for you all. Hang in there. I know you do your best, as is that little pup. You all are in my prayers. Evelyn

Every comfortable day that you can give Teddy is a gift of unimaginable size to this little guy (and all your critters). The beagle crew here in Atlanta is sending lots of howls of support Teddy's way.

Oh Teddy, I was so excited to see your picture yesterday with your buddies and now this - but I am glad you are on the mend and you have such good care. Get well soon!

Poor sweet Teddy - hang in there little boy!
Julien, Verdell/Rescue Dog and Melvin/Rescue Cat

I'm sending good wishes Teddy's way. Thank goodness he's at a place where he can get the care he needs. And my thoughts are with you Steve and Alayne as well. I know how hard it is to monitor a very ill animal friend. Thank you for being there for little Teddy.

Teddy, Teddy, I'm worrying about you. I hope they can figure out what's going on with you. Your poor little body. But I know, if you can, you'll fight hard to get better. All of a sudden you have good food and good care and your little body just doesn't know what to do. Kisses and more kisses on your little nose. You're in the best hands. Hang tough, little one.

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